Yeah this is my first go at a slash story, so I'm not sure how good this will be.

WARNING: Will be slash! Don't like it, bugger off.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jamie's name used to be Adrian, but i found all those A names annoying, so i changed it.




Alexander Cooper has always been a curious person. Even when he was a child, he would often cause his mother strife when he would pick her things up and throw them around to see what they did. The Coopers went through three telephones, two remote controls and a set of car keys before he outgrew that stage.

Alex blamed his curiosity on his uninteresting, tedious and all-round boring life. Nothing ever happened to him. Ever. So when something interesting would come along, he would latch onto it and not let go.

Maybe this was why he was so intrigued by one Jamie Reed. Jamie Reed, the boy who lived two houses down the street. The boy with dark hair and bright green eyes whom you could only ever catch glimpses of as he worked on the garden at number four Fisher Street.

Ever since Alex moved into town one week ago at the beginning of summer, he had heard many a rumour about the boy, the loner, the delinquent andthe freak. Yet whenever he asked someone why Jamie was a freak, nobody seemed to know. All they knew was that he was a bad influence, and that good boys like himself should stay away from him.

Indeed, Jamie Reed was quite the puzzle.

Alex always liked puzzles…




This is just the prologue, that's why its so short. So I'm putting the next chapter up now to make up for it.