Just Three Words

Your dreams are racing and swirling, curling


Blotted out to a scrap of cloth

These camel-skin clothes are

speaking, shrieking ripped into a grasshopper;

as that girl laughs and jokes.

I'm dead, festering, drenched in paint

Clothing your identity.


See, hear,

No see here. I ain't no dictionary

no shrouded joint or fluffed up point.

Your sarcasm tastes of honey – sweet,

succulent, poisoning your insecurities.

No… I won't get into this

yet. Stop, rewind, think back in time.


I needed help as I stabbed through

that rotten fruit. Spat out the seeds

People make me retch.

What were you doing? Jumping

the grounds, scouring the blood.

Feasting on the sight of my tribulation.

This then turned to indifference. She


smiled and nodded, talked to the rest;

forgot me occasionally, most of the

time couldn't care less. The years

became like throwing stones, causing ripples in

the sea. My voice set building blocks

She threw out the ropes; the dust

finally settled. Friendship, yes it's a

bittersweet beast. They'd rather just

stick here and wallow till it's deceased.


But women piss me off, I'm telling

you, majorly. Prince Charming was fine

till she got bored; set out the magnifying


You'd think that'd be enough;

no. scapegoats make better side dishes.

So as you set fire to my tears

and blister my voice. I croak

out three. Fuck. You. Bitch.

That's just such a pity.


But seriously yeah, I prefer being

burnt cold than

just another one of your