It's hardly even safe to go out of the house,

Becuase whenever I turn my back,

Like a pack of cats upon a stray mouse,

There comes an overwhelming attack.

I go to the mall to get some shopping done,

But the moment I open my eyes,

My mind is bombarded with passing, deadly "fun"

That can ruin me with its lies.

There's nowhere to go! It's all over the place!

Please, no calendars for me.

The magazines fraught with shameful disgrace

Are not what I want to see.

At school, what they wear is decietfully attracting,

But I know that I must look away.

The things that I face are harmfully distracting;

I think this is a good time to pray.

I ask God for strength, and I know he will answer,

But still it's so hard to resist.

This sin is a wildfire spreading like cancer;

I just need to cease and desist.

The trash that they show can be so enticing,

Reaching out with a deadly lure.

Like a big chocolate cake with poisoned icing;

And I've got to keep my heart pure.

Through God I can do it, I know this is true;

I've made a covenant with my eyes.

Keep my mind focused on what He wants me to;

I've just got to stay strong and wise.