My day always starts with the the early sun

coming through the window,

painting Little One's face in morning pink.

If my bed were Raphael's canvas,

I could not have a lovelier Cherub beside me.

Her angelic face smiles even in sleep,

certain her Daddy is beside her,

watching over and protecting her.

The hardest thing I do everyday is get out of bed

and leave my Little One under the covers.

Many mornings, I wake with the sun and lay still,

just to watch my angel's face

dance through early morning dreams.

I brush back the silky black hair,

framing her face, spilling across her white shoulders,

and wonder what dreams

my Little One's mind has conjured up to entertain her while she sleeps.

I do not envy my angel's dream filled rest,

for my waking hours are a dream.

Every minute of my day is

another minute loved by my precious Little One,

and there could be no more pleasant dream,

if I were to sleep a thousand years

with Little One's cheek resting on my chest.

Before Little One came to my bed, the night was a blink,

the evening and dawn pulled to meet like a quilt

folded with the ends together,

the middle hidden.

When Little One and I lie in the dark,

I close my eyes and she spreads the quilt like the night sky,

each square a jewel star,

each star, her eyes, bathing me in her love.

My nights are never dark or cold with Little One.

Her every sleeping breath is a the dawn of a new sun

which can not set till the next one has risen.

I smile when someone asks me

what it is like to have Little One in my life.

This is not an easy question to answer,

because if a person asks this,

I can see they will never understand

the true nature of devotion.

Little One consumes my thoughts and feelings

every waking minute of the day

and all dreams I can recover as I wake are of her.

Everything I do is to insure her safety,

security, comfort and pleasure.

Little One is the most precious thing in my life

and I guard and care for her as if she were my very eyes.

When I return home in the evening,

Little One is waiting for me,

ready to return my devotion with all that she is.

In the world we live in,

someone must leave and return each day.

I do this so Little One can be free of the world's worries.

I allow her to spend the day in comfort and liesure,

so she can spend the night in complete devotion to me.

I can never give Little One as much as she gives me.

While I must deal with the world, the world claims part of me,

but Little One is all mine,

every part of her, body, heart, and soul.