Your love is like the bitter sweet taste of a suicide lolly A slow and painful killing (wanting more and more) You are like a suicide lolly (one taste and I'm hooked More Baby More) The sweet taste of you and never wanting to end Then, slowly turning painful

(The blood, the blood, the blood)

Falling in love with the taste then, slowly dying from pleasure and pain

You are my suicide lolly, my love

1st loving me

2nd breaking me

3rd Raping me (stop f.u.c.k.i.n.g me)


(Oh my god, I'm not dead, I'm not dead) Bitter sweet taste of blood pouring out of my head

My suicide lolly

The way you watch her (look at me not her!)

You stalk her (What do you see in her, but not me?)

The way you touch her (slowly rubbing, oh my god, she's touching him back!)

The way you kiss her (long, slow, and passionate)

The way you her (oh my god, oh my god, moaning groaning, all you hear through the walls)


You did not love me

You did break me

You did not me

But instead of you pulling the trigger

I will do it for you


Ah the sweet taste

Of my suicide lolly

A/n: I'm sick of how I write and I am trying something new and much darker, tell me what you think...