First Person Imperative

He sits there with his sunburst skull
and smiles as they say
do it!
do it now!

Jilted and wilted
deadlock success
no one's end so rigorous
as to be perfect

Please don't mind the gap
between synapse and signal
no noise
but fans in the background

'Users get
proscribed from conception
in mud and laudanum ecstasy'
they whisper on the tube

Tunnel vision
or Hobson's choice?
we're all objectives
view ourselves through crystals

When you step off
nothing's there
but a flimsy platform
for prefab destiny

Pushed down and read
at random
our thought's a raid
daydream on concrete

Always wet and well-defined
and running, threadbare
determined second types
with nothing before us

Sublime and tactile
pathetically bound
and infinite inside
perfect contradictions

Our shells won't last forever
Do it
Do it now.

A.N. Jean Charles de Menezes