It was the eve of the end of the world.

A lone figure sat atop a hill, bathed in the burning light of the crumbling sky. A delicate face, half-shrouded in shadow, was tilted towards the heavens. A bright glitter danced in her eyes; scarlet and gold, colours of flame. She sat with her arms wrapped around her knees, pulling them into her chest.

The world below the splintering clouds was abandoned and derelict. The roads were littered with paper and parts of buildings which had crumbled. Homes were empty and hollow; the memories were fading.

She gazed up at the sky. It looked as though it was sunrise, with the horizon a light pink and the golden glitter of the sun squeezing through the cracks in the clouds. But it was not sunrise. There was no longer a sun. All that was left was the golden light behind the clouds, it's flames, which were burning away at the atmosphere, so the sky looked as though it was on fire.

There were still stars, twinkling down from the unknown expanse of universe beyond that of the earth. But they were faint, hardly seen behind the steady build-up of smoke and fire disintegrating the once azure sky. Forever pink.

There were faint footsteps on the brown, dry grass, and the girl turned her head to find a dark-clothed figure standing beneath the skeleton of a tree. A soft smile appeared on her lips and she turned her head to look out across the town shadowed by the hill. The figure appeared beside her, sitting down so their shoulders touched.

She didn't know him. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore. They sat on the hill until bits of flame began to fall from the sky; pieces of sun, showering down like golden rain upon a broken world.

They sat together, not as friends, but as people. Human-kind. She felt something grasp her hand and she looked to find his fingers intertwined with hers. The light from the sky was dancing along his face and the ghost of a smile playing along his lips. She looked up at the clouds, and the holocaust hiding behind them.

And as it started to rain burning pieces of sky and thunder so loudly the hollow ground beneath her vibrated, she let rest her head on the boy's shoulder.

They didn't know each other, but on the eve of the end of the world, it didn't matter.

edited - 26.12.06