To see what I could see

One day I looked upon the road,

To see what I could see,

And imagine what I saw just then-

An overhanging tree!

But that was not just what I saw

Hanging over high,

Also something rather green

It seemed just before my eye!

And what was it so,

That grasped my eyes

Forcing me to look?

It was my overhanging hair

That between my eyes did droop!

And so I pulled it back again,

So I could now then see,

But screamed when I realized

That that was not the green!

Suddenly, I sat so still

Hiding in my seat,

As a creature slithered long and hard

On wind shield, making beat.

I locked the door and closed my eyes,

Wishing it'd be gone,

And what'd you know

When my eyes, perceived the colors of the dawn.