How can you know the terror

how can you know the fear

I knelt there at you feet

and shed a silent tear

Memory of the last time

I had been this way

it haunts my days and nights

it never goes away

The hours that I'ld kneel near him

With hope in my eyes

The hours that I'ld wait for him

as slowly passion dies

Would you turn and leave me there

would you turn and go

Would you leave me helpless

as he did even so?

Then you said to cross my wrists

place them over my bowed head

to lower them both to the floor

oh did you know the dread

I remembered well the pain

and the strike of every fall

Of being forbidden to break position

despite the agony of it all

Would you desire to hurt me

in that very way

Oh gods you don't know how I feared

what you would do that day

and yet you touched me gently

you tried to dry my tears

you didn't hold them against me

my old and binding fears

Your strong hands they gentled me

like a horseman might a mare

your kind hands they comforted me

they kept me from dispare

Was then the outer wall came down

it was then I heard my defense break

I felt so small and vulnerable

and Feared this was a mistake

Yet you touched me gently

you eased my frightened mind

you gave me strength and comfort

I didn't know I could find

And So I took the Risk

and so I took the chance

I opened body and soul to you

to dance the ancient dance

Your hands they brought me pleasure

though not always unmixed with pain

The awoke in me a passion

I thought I'ld never feel again

My defenses they did shatter

my defenses they did fall

I felt you free that side of me

With your siren's call

I trembled then half in fear

would you lock half of me away

You freed the submissive side of me

would the other go away

You claimed the submissive side of me

you claimed it as your own

would you reject my other side

as history has shown

So many men don't want that side

the side of me that's strong

The side of me that knows her mind

and will do what's needed right or wrong

You made me scream in pleasure

you made me scream in bliss

You made me surrender to you

and sealed it with a kiss

How I trembled in your arms

in extasy and shame

If you rejected half of me

I'ld have myself to blame

Yet when I dared to touch you

like the FreeWoman in me would

You simply smiled at me

and said that it felt good

And so I let my free side out

and saw pleasure in your eyes

I threw away then all my pretense

threw away all my disquise

I felt something in my heart

I hadn't felt for years

I felt myself one and whole

it bannished all my fears

So now I can curl up at your feet

Or curl up at your side

Half a Freewoman half a slave

I never need to hide

at least not with you, my friend

my Master strong and brave

You've opened up my heart again

gave me what I didn't know I craved

Between the two of us

we share a secret bliss

how I pity others

who do not know of this

For Half of me is Free

Half of me is wild

yet half of me is slave girl

and as trusting as a child

You know how to handle me

How to handle both my sides

you know how to enjoy me

make me feel like your prize

Now I kneel at your feet

though I still feel a thread of fear

but I know it's only a ghost

because you hold me dear