the new year (colder weather means warmer sweaters)

by naomi - december 19 2005


and you know, i'd always guessed

that it couldn't get any better than this

something old, something new. like a new tradition

a new addition (adding on to the family tree.)

you and me. just the general hype, the terrible craze.

making fun of these endless numbered days.


but this is war. this has been and always will be

lines crossed. a touchdown, a penalty. soldier fumbled his rifle.

controversy. you and me.

something tangible, something neat and clean.

like the way we don't look alike. like the way i can't write anything nice.

harassment - oh, what a crime! just checking up

maybe "how do you do?" or "let's catch up, not fall down."


(colder weather means warmer sweaters)

your heartbeat keeps you close to your skin.

oh-so-fragile, so pale, so thin

separated. like houdini in a glass jar.

so it's something. so it's been alright so far.

colder weather calls for warmer conversations.

and new year's eve calls for intimate relations.

what you do on new year's night decides the rest of your year, could be the rest of your life

if you're lucky enough, if you play your cards right.

or if you're just the right amount of suave, the right measurement of sneaky.

oh, you're such a card.


and it's so much different fromwhat i thought it would be.

constant conversations through bigger cities

different countries. like symmetry. like a poem, like the flow.

pick up the paddles, boys, it's time to row.

like crossing the delaware. or the atlantic ocean

wave after wave just get lost in the motion


and it's not right. and i'm not what you want

but it's all i want. and it's all we've got.


(colder weather means warmer sweaters)

words whispered in ears through backs of bus seats

through freeways and highway lines and nerve-wracking feats

hands wrapped around coffee mugs just waiting to find their way home

something strong. something safe. somewhere you don't feel alone.

well this isn't the time nor place but it seems like it's right

gloves, mittens, something to keep your hands warm tonight.


and i'll be your volunteer.


finis. comment please?