Yours until Midnight

Bubbling wine passes by me and he's still staring

I can still feel his eyes piercing through me before they return to the crowds

There's something about the way he travels only to meet me in the middle

Like the honey ripe caramel running down my throat

From the incredible dip-drop chocolate desserts

He's the confetti thrown into my hair

Annoying sometimes but part of the ritual

He's moving from the crowds to me and stops

Giving elevator eyes to the chandelier adorned ceiling before returning his glance to me

A quiet hello is said to me by his deep rumbling voice

I don't answer until I know that no one is viewing in on anything but their own business

Hello yourself, I finally reply

He's smirking

But slight hurt can be traced through his swirling blue eyes

His fountain glass is patterned with finger marks

And is raised to his pink lips

He wets the upper ridge a little before taking a few sips

Still watching me all the while

I turn around and blush

He's such a tease

The clock is ticking on and on

Regardless of our needs to be here in this state and time


It doesn't occur to us that it has already been three or more so hours of this party

That when midnight reaches us in its dark grasp we will be lost to this moment

Dangled in time for only memories to hold

One minute until midnight

He is still near me

Watching like a lioness protecting her cub

He is making sure no one else approaches me

So that only he is near enough to reach

The ticking winds down to the final second...

Arms entangle around me and everything stops

The party doesn't as our paper hearts are thrown around and people cheer

But I'm only in the moment where he and I are in a bubble

Impenetrable to the others outside

Finally he lets go of me and doesn't say anything

I stare and him as he turns and disappears into the crowd

I'll always have this annual party and be the center of attention

If only his

And as he leaves through the front door

I'll rush to the window where the valet brings back his car

He'll turn once to give the young man a tip

Then look upward towards me

His mouth silently whispers

"I'm yours"

And I'll add

"Until midnight."


- - -

Feeling kinda romantical. Plus x-mas specials are pissing me off. I'm a little worried about the New Year too so hopefully this has enough good intentions in it to rub off on me.