Metal Coils In A Ziploc Bag While Country Music Is Played

I wrote this in once of my Govschool courses, in a perspectives class. The teachers put a Ziploc bag on the table, filled with what looked like smooth metal coils. It was on the table in the center, and the florescent light was glaring down on it, so it was hard to see what was inside. Then, they told us - without any other explanation - to write about it, and put on twangy country-western music. This is what I came out with...

It was such an awesome class!

Greysilver springs

Hard cold water

Ice sculpted to chains

Caged in clarity

Light glares, refusing to reveal what's

Inside, small mirrors

Cool, smooth in a plastic shell

Country strings invade joyously

Shattering silence but not touching

This cold silverlight

Harsh and warm guitar intertwined

Springs poise caught, holding the light in place

Mystery magnetizes the room

Untouched by staring irises

Serene globe of silence

Fishbowl of alien teeth

Reflecting our ordinary sky