"Where is it?!" Drake desperately screamed at me.

"Where...where is what?" I asked. I was surprised that words, sentences could come out my mouth. I was afraid to move, to breath.

"You know what," he yelled, aiming the gun towards my head and taking two steps closer. "You betrayed me. You deserve this."

"Can...can we..t-talk about this?" I asked, unsure if that was what I was supposed to say.

He looked confused at first. Then he caught on. "No. But you mentioned something about your father earlier. What was that about?" he said harshly, taking a step closer, making the gun come inches from my face. I knew he was hinting that I should say something about my father but I forgot. I gulped, scared I would do it wrong or say the wrong thing, "I...I.." was all that came out.

"Your father...he was in jail, wasn't he?" he asked. His eyes pleaded with mine to remember what I was supposed to say.

No words came to my mouth, then Torin ran in. "C'mon, just kill her. We need to get out of here. The cops," sirens were heard throughout the room, "are coming!"

At least I remembered to grab the knife while Torin was talking. With Drake's attention turned to Torin, I grabbed the knife and held it tight behind my back, ready to reveal it when it was time.

Torin ran out and Drake turned back to me, "This is for what you did to my father," I screamed before Drake could say anything. I lifted the knife and took a big, swift step towards him. Only I slipped. The knife went flying in the air as I came crashing down to the floor. Why does this always happen to me?

"Alana!" Mr. Comrey, our director, screamed, "How many times are you going to trip when we rehearse this scene!" He looked at me over small, black rimmed frames. He was a short, chubby, usually friendly guy but with a big temper. I was usually the one to set him off.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Comrey," I said, getting up. Drake put the fake gun on the table next to him and helped me up.

"Why can I never get this scene right?" I asked him, rubbing my now bruised knee.

"Alana, stop being so hard on yourself. We've only just started rehearsing a few months ago. The gun scene is an intense scene," he said, rubbing my shoulder. I just smiled weakly at him, disappointed in myself.

"You did good, Alana. Be proud," Torin said, walking past me with a wink. I smiled. Torin always had a way of making me smile. I watched his back as he walked away. He was so short, a few inches shorter than me with short, black hair. He had an acne problem that he obsessed over; he couldn't wait for it to clear up. In short, he was a nerd. But a loveable one at that.

"Ok. Practice is over. We're meeting here again at 3:30 tomorrow. Don't be late. And, Alana.." Mr. Comrey said.


"Practice walking and try not to fall next time." I heard some laughs and sarcastic comments from some of the cast.

I looked at the ground. "Yes, Mr. Comrey." I grabbed my backpack, slinging it over one shoulder and walking out of the auditorium with Drake.

"Cheer up. Let's go get some pizza," Drake said, bumping his shoulder into mine. I just smiled and nodded. Drake and I usually hung out on Friday nights. It was our tradition from ever since I can remember. You would think I would feel tied down to always hang out with the same person every Friday. But I don't. He's my best friend since the diaper days.

We walked out of the front doors of the school to be greeted with a cold rush of wind. I hugged my hoodie closer to me as we walked to my car. I'm always really cautious when crossing streets. It isn't normal to be that paranoid, I know. But I just couldn't get that picture out of my head. I just wished it never happened. But it did.

"Hey. Wait up! Alana! Drake! WAIT!"

I turned around to see Torin running up to us.

"Hey, Torin. What's up?" I asked. I just stared at him as he leaned over, catching his breath. The kid was really skinny but in no way fit.

"I deep breath wanted to ask deep breath if you could give me a ride.." he asked.

"Sure. It's no problem. Get in."

He gave me a grateful smile as Drake got in the front passenger seat. Drake is six months younger than me even though we are both juniors. So he didn't have his license yet. It killed him that I could drive before him.

"So Drakey, where shall we go tonight?" I asked, dramatically.

"Oh. I don't know," Drake said, imitating a stuck up, rich man, "I was thinking of going to the Four Seasons for some relaxation but I simply have too much to do tonight." He curled the ends of his non-existent mustache and stuck his nose in the air. I giggled at him.

Torin shook his head, "You guys are so weird. You always have been." I smiled at Drake and he just winked at me. Drake and I were inseparable. We couldn't go through a day without each other. He is my rock, my best friend, my other half.

"I know I've asked this before but why aren't you guys going out? I mean, neither of you will find another person as weird as you two are...so why not stick together..." Torin asked, leaning forward in his seat.

I groaned. I've been asked this some many times by so many people. They just don't understand what Drake and I have. Our relationship is.....special. This kind of friendship didn't just happen everyday. We were meant to be friends. We were two halves of a whole. "Because Drake is like my brother. We don't work like that. There's no real chemistry there."

Drake nodded in agreement. We got used to answering this question and neither of us got offended when one answered truthfully. The two of us weren't meant for each other in that way. I wouldn't want it that way.

Torin just nodded and looked out the window the rest of the ride. I pulled up to his house, "Hey...um me and Drake were gonna go grab some pizza. You in?"

"Thanks but I have to do a Chemistry project with my study group," he said, upset at missing the fun.

I stuck out my tongue, "Ick. Chem." I smiled, "Well, I'll see you later then."

"Ok, bye!" he got out of the car.

"So," I said, turning to Drake, "I'm thinking pizza, arcade and movie...."

"You read my mind," Drake said. So off we went to the arcade. Right before I got into the parking lot, my cell phone rang. I pulled over to the side and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hello, honey. It's mom. I just got a call from the hospital. I have to go. Dad's at work so you have to babysit Casey and Reilly tonight, ok?"

I groaned, "But, mom! I was going to go to the arcade with Drakkkeee."

"Alana, stop whining and come home. You know Drake is more than welcome here. You can hang out with him here, ok?"

There was no use in fighting, she always won, "OK, mom." I rolled my eyes and hung up.

I turned to Drake, "Change of plans. I have Casey and Reilly duty tonight. You wanna help?"

He smiled, "Sure. I miss Case and Rei. I haven't seen them in a while." Drake was like another member of our family. Reilly, Casey, and my mother loved him to death. He was always over for dinner or to help with my little sisters. He's the only boy that's allowed to sleep over.

I dropped my bag off in the foyer when we got to my house, "Mom, I'm home with Drake!" my voice echoed throughout the house.

"Drakey!! Drakey!!" Casey shrieked from the kitchen. I heard little footsteps coming towards the foyer. A head of blonde curls bounced up to Drake. My five year old sister, Casey, was adorable but I swear, she was evil.

"Casey!" Drake said, scooping her little body up and twirling her around.

"I missed you!" she said.

"I missed you too!" he used his little kid voice that always made me laugh. "Your sister and I are gonna play with you tonight."

"Yay!!" Casey said, clapping her hands together. Drake gave her a loud, wet kiss on her cheek and put her down.

"Alana! Alana! Come here, please!" my mom screamed from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes but obeyed her. I left Drake and Casey in the foyer and walked up to her, "Yes?"

"Here is the number for the hospital. Think before you use it. I have some leftovers in the fridge for you and Drake. Casey ate some chicken but not much. Reilly threw all hers on the ground so she will be hungry later."

I noticed my mom's hair was coming down in wisps around her face as she talked, she had bags under her eyes and she looked tired. My mom was always running around doing something. She never seems to run out of energy. I don't know how she does it. I saw the gray hairs sprouting from her roots that were more than noticeable. Ok, so I caused a few of the gray hairs, so what?

"Ok. I got it covered," I reassured her, coming around the counter to pick up Reilly who was playing with some bowls and spoons on the floor. Reilly smiled at me and I kissed her.

"OK. Thank you, honey," she kissed me and Reilly, "I'll be back later tonight. I love you!" and she was gone. I heard her saying bye to Drake and Casey and the door close.

"Reilly!" Drake said, taking her from me, "I missed you!" He held her up, her stomach parallel to the floor, superman style. "It's superbaby! Da da DA!" Drake flew Reilly all over the kitchen while she shrieked with laughter. Casey pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. She was so jealous when Drake paid attention to Reilly and not her.

"So, Basket case, want to watch Finding Nemo?" I asked Casey. Everyone called her "Case" so I thought "Basket case" suited her well. It was my nickname for her ever since she was 18 months old when she walked around the house with a basket on her head, bumping into everything in site.

"Yes!" she said with a huge grin. Nemo always fixed everything.

Drake plopped Rei down on the couch next to Basketcase and helped me unload the dishwasher.

"You don't have to help. You can watch Nemo with the kids. I know how much you looove him," I said with a wink.

He laughed, "I want to help." I smiled as I handed him a cup to put in the cabinet. I glanced over at him, his reddish brown hair falling into his green eyes. His hair always did that. I begged him to cut it. He never did. He was tall, two or three inches taller than me and I was 5'5. He was skinny but had some muscle on him. He played soccer so he had nice legs. Overall, Drake was pretty cute. I don't know if you could use "hot" to describe him, but he would definitely qualify for cute.

"What.." he asked when he caught me staring at him.

I shook my head as I handed him the last bowl and closed the dishwasher. "I just..love you," I squeezed his arm and walked back to the living room with the girls. That wasn't the first time I said I loved Drake. He said he loved me too. There was always a parenthetical "just as a friend" attached to all of our "I love you"'s. We both knew it was there so there was no need to say it.

I fell back into the couch and took a deep breath. I let it out long and slow and closed my eyes. I just wanted to do nothing for two minutes. Just two minutes. That's when Reilly started crying. I groaned and got up. I picked her up, "Shh. Reilly. Shhh." I went to the fridge and got out her teething toy as I was 90 sure that's why she was crying.

Drake came in and in one swift motion took Reilly out of my arms. Not that I minded at all.

She stopped crying in about 30 seconds. I swear Drake is more a member of this family than I am.

The rest of the night passed in a big blur for me. I was so tired, I wasn't aware of anything. I only remember Drake and I laying down on the couch after Rei and Case went to sleep. We were just talking and eventually we both fell asleep. That wasn't the first time that happened.