And then they're gone. Just gone. And you will never have the chance to tell them anything. Never again will you discuss the differences between the '69 Chevy Corvette and the '72 Ford Mustang. Never again will you argue pointlessly over which is better. Never again will you see that name blink onto your screen.
Never again.
When you look back, you remember. He was the first one to befriend you in high school. The first "new" kid you met. The first. He was the one you owe so many friends to. And you never got to thank him.
He never will need all those "pointless chord things". You will never have to explain to him the difference between augmented and diminished chords. Not again. You won't have to hear his complaints about flats and sharps ring through your mind endlessly, as you pray for Theory to end.
Never again.
But for all those times he drove you crazy, all those times you wished he would just go away, all those times he was so immature and ignorant you wished he would just grow-up and use his common sense, you wish he was back. Because he never will get to grow up, use his dry humor to make you laugh, or go to college.

For anyone who has kept quiet, say it now.
For anyone who puts it off, help them now.
For anyone who has wished someone gone, take it back now.
For anyone who shrugs at alost moment, get it back now.
For anyone who wants another chance, take it now.
For anyone who has been driven crazy, cherish those moments now.
For anyone who has lost touch with a friend, remember and reach out now.
For anyone, and everyone, who has lost a friend, always remember them.

Mason Aaron Rosello
you left us too soon, but we all love you