You Can't Believe in Everything You Read



September has birthed

(with hues of autumn ribbon

And gold burnt brown curls)


Geese long migrated

To havens of far seashores

While others arrived


With vague innocence

His heels clickclickclick keenly

On Harvard concrete


(Liquid palms blush white -

mirroring the full snowy steps

Of cobwebs and flies)


They flutter about

In dizzy waltzes and dips

Seeking classroom warmth


Click-Clop scream brown soles

(Where am I in this hedge maze

Of pure silk-bound flies?)


Soap Flakes die silent

As he exhales in spring clouds

-Deep anxiety-


Click-Click-Click he sleds

Throughout Mr. Clean hallways

Until the tiles end . . .


101 English

And the heat melts the frost's breath

Cheeks blushing scarlet . . .


A lifetime of dreams

Midnights of coffee and ink

Now reality . . .


Paper rustles – floats

Whilst scarves and skirts sink in wood

As he steps forward


"Welcome dear students –

Many a lesson we shall learn –

Study . . . examine"


Coal dust eyes survey -

Gleam in anticipation -

Like a scientist . . .


Paper-cut hands graze

A solitary bound book

He (grins) . . . lifts it high . . .


Slam! Pierces the room

And thetongues dull to heart drums

Thumping with cold heat


"You cannot believe

In everything you read

Dear Harvard students!"


His eyes fall on words

Gold streamed letters at his feet

The Holy Bible . . .


The grey chalk suit steps

Across the ancient pages

Diatribe began . . .


(But) his jacket scoots

(Pale yellow and lavender

Cloth against the soot)


His steps clickclickclick

(He faces his dreamed idol

And kneels to the book)


Dusting off footprints

He rejects his dreamboat class

"I choose to believe . . ."