Open the eyes of my heart,

And help me to see again;

Help me to walk in righteousness,

Down the path with You my friend.

Saviour of my heart,

Please be the Lord of my life;

Fill me with your guidance,

Lead me from temptation and strife.


Please be the rock

Of my salvation.

Please lift me up

So That I will not fall.

Do a great work in me

So that I may shine for You;

Oh please be the light

Unto my path.


I stumble in the darkness,

My blinded eyes cannot see

All the joys that you've poured out;

The blessings you've given me.

Saviour of my heart,

Help me remove these scales,

And see the beauty I hold inside,

See the truth not fairy-tales.


I am nothing without you;

I am everything in you.

Don't let me walk away,

Don't let me fade. (repeat)