I step off the bus weary from travel
But at least I step onto familiar ground
I gaze about me silently
Fearful that I'd make a sound

I breathe in the familiar scents
Of the garden's blossoms
I make my way through the door
And I'm back at where I come from

I smile at my surroundings
It has been such a long time
I am met with greetings of welcome
It seemed to be Christmastime

It sounds great doesn't it?
I hope I made you see what I do
But sad to say reality is hard
That much I know is true

This is what you first might see
Our little "garden" would just be
A few small pots in a row
And not a single tree

Our humble home lies in dark
Lighted by candles it is
Soft, dim and unnoticed
Not much to a passing little miss

But oh! Don't you see?
This place is always special to me
It might not be much to you
But this is my home, my family

How it looks like from outside
Doesn't really matter at all
It's the holidays again and being home
Is better than being in some mall.

> > > > > > >

Author's note: It's that time of year again and for everyone not matter who, it's a time to be home no matter what home really looks like. Well, enjoy and Happy Holidays!