For Lily
by battousai24

Lily, you know I love you so
Why'd you have to go away?
Am I really that bad?
Is it really so sad that you want to turn away?

There's so much we've been through
It's such a waste to let it all go
I've been holding on my last breath
Trying to stay longer just for you

But so much has been said
We can never really understand each other
But I've been trying 'til the last moment
Because I really love you

Angel, I thought you loved me so
Why'd you have to go?
Are you really that unhappy?
Is it really so bad that you can no longer wait?

There's so much that has happened
It's such a shame that we've lost it
We're back to being nothing when I tried so hard to make it work
I was dying, but I went on with it
Because I really really love you
I really really need you

My love, will it really have to end this way?
My love, do you really have to go away?

I love you... I need you...
I need you 'coz I love you
I really don't understand why'd you have to go

Sitting here, I'm wondering
If I'll ever get another chance
It's all I want, all I need
You're my everything

You're the one for me
My life is for you...
I want to be with you
I need to be with you
Why you have to go?