by: graffit-skies

As the sun rises over the valley

The mushrooms shrivel up and die

Gone is the black wind of death

And the flowers smile at the blue sky


Lost is the depression of a damaged mind

Swimming in a sea of forgotten blithe

Once again I see the sweetest of dreams

Waiting in the darkness for seldom seen light


Then there's a crash of the waves

I watch my world come crashing down

It was a vision I once saw long ago

A vision I frantically tried to drown


He was a mere mortal who dared to love life

A spirit imprisoned in a body made of ice

The vision I saw once long ago came true

As I watched him bleed to death that night


His wounds went on bleeding

As if the flowing blood would bring back his life

He looked so pale, like dying snow and ice

Forever lost to a death so young, so white


"'Twas only a vision, 'twas only a lie"

Rang the schizophrenic voices in my head

As the tears rolled down my colorless cheeks

Burning like acid, leaving me mislead


The broken pieces of the life I once knew

Are lying where I once chose to stand

Silently screaming at my infidelities

Taking away all that I did command


The sun rises once more on this desolate land

Waiting for the recovery of an ill mind

As the cover of death permanently settles

Over poisonous mushrooms never meant to die


A/N: Whoa, been a long time since I wrote a poem worth reading, lol. I was planning to name it "Mushrooms", but somehow it just didnt fit, thus I named it "Visions" instead. Anyways, how was this? Weird concept, huh? There's a long story behind the concept, and the concept is partially true when it comes to me. Maybe someday, I'll explain it to everyone...until then, lemme know what you interpret from this...