I read a story like this on FictionPress during school, and I liked it. Since I had my tape recorder with me, I decided to make one of my own. It's nice to write something else, to counteract writer's block. These are all stupid or funny or random quotes from people in school.


"Pat, you faggot!" Some kid.

"You'd better quit it!" Some girl. She held her finger out threateningly.

"My pants are freezing over." Zach C.

"It is all. Your. Fault." Pat B.

"BALLS!" Me—I was pissed.

"You see this? It's my swimming stuff. I didn't have swimming today; I left this in my locker over the weekend!" Me.

"AIDS? There were no AIDS back then!" My global teacher after someone asked about it.

"Oh, my God, Katie, Sailor Moon is such a whore. Her shirt is up to here, and her skirt is down to here." Lacy P.

"It'd be friggin' awesome if I could rig all four of these up…" Some random kid.

"Don't tou-ch me." "I touched your jacket." "It's still part of me!" Lacy P. and some kid.

"Cookies!" Some kid.

"I can talk to people, just not retarded people." Katie C.

"What's that?" "A tape recorder." "Is it recording now?" "Yeah." "PENIS!" Me and Pat, he picked it up and talked.

"Bimbo!" "Bimbo? I LOVE that word!" Nicole J., then me.


Hey, thanks for reading. I'll continue this if I can get some more funny stuff.