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Great Minds

Chapter 10


I had this really funny dream last night. You see, I lied to my dad and said I was going to Finn's when instead I went on a date with Ethan. And I got to see Johnny Depp play in the greatest movie of the year. But the best part:

I kissed Ethan.

And it was this wonderful, fantastic, mind-boggling kiss. It was way better than any kiss Finn could give me.

And speaking of Finn, when I entered my kitchen shortly after waking up, and after grabbing my Fruit Loops, I was surprised to see him sitting at my kitchen table.

Okay, scratch that. I was mortified.

Isabel's Dictionary 7

Mortified: adjective. When you are so scared you end up screaming really loud (just about loud enough to make the old grandpa down the hall go deaf), and you end up throwing Fruit Loops at the cause of your shock.

I don't think Finn liked being hit in the head with little rainbow colored 'o's, but what else could I do? I was frightened by his sudden appearance and horrified he was seeing me in my Tinkerbell pajamas. I was as sure as hell going to fling out Fruit Loops like a priest with holy water.

Ricky heard my screaming and ran into the kitchen. I screamed, throwing my handful of Fruit Loops at Finn. "Ricky! Burglar! Child molester! There's a rapist in here! Stay back and I'll kill him before he gets you!"

"How can I be killed by stupid Fruit Loops?" Finn scoffed, picking a purple one out of his hair.

Jaw dropping, I screamed, "Forget rapist. This guy's mental. He probably escaped from the asylum." I jumped up on the counter and crouched down, still throwing Fruit Loops as Finn tried dodging them. I stopped grabbing handfuls and just threw the box at him. "Take that, you Fruit Loop hating freak!"

"I'm a freak? I'm not the one flinging Fruit Loops at people." Finn scoffed.

"Yeah, yeah, keep bragging freak." I slowly got off the counter as though he was going to bite if I moved too fast. You never know. Freaks are unpredictable.

"Your little boyfriend here dropped by to pick you up for your date." Ricky chuckled, an amused gleam in his smirk.

I gawked at him, not knowing what else to do. Because the words 'boyfriend' and 'date' had just been used in reference to Finn. It's a wonder that I haven't fainted from horror yet.

"What date? I didn't agree to any date. Are you kidnapping me for your sick, twisted, perverse games?" I inquired, taking a step backwards for safety precaution.

"No." Finn said through gritted teeth. Wow, someone obviously woke up on the wrong side of Earth this morning. Or would that be Pluto? Because someone as freaky as Finn has got to be an alien. "I came to pick you up so we can work on our project some more. You told me to come pick you up yesterday."

"Oh." I finally realized. I had forgotten that I told him to come pick me up for the project. Crossing my arms, I asked, "Did you get the supplies?"

"Of course." Still gritting his teeth, I see. What got his panties all in a bunch anyway? Certainly a bunch of Fruit Loops tossed at his head couldn't make him that grouchy.

Nodding my head, I mouthed okay and I hurriedly ran back to my room. I knew I shouldn't make Finn wait but I just had to take a shower to rid the smell of popcorn from me. Which was weird because I haven't eaten popcorn lately. I think.

Once I was ready, I walked into the kitchen to find Finn, Ricky and my father laughing their butts off. I only stared at the three like they were on crack and I asked, "What's so funny?"

Clutching at his side, Finn answered through tears in his eyes, "Isabel, your dad…just told me the most funniest story." And that was all I got out of him before he started bursting into laughter again.

I glared at both my dad and Ricky. By the way they tried to hide their frightened faces underneath their laughter, I could tell they told Finn the story of my most humiliating moment. The time of the Lost Diaper Incident.

I grabbed Finn by his arm and hauled his chuckling ass (actually, it was more like a raucous laughter, but whatever, he wouldn't be raucously laughing when I got done with him) but not before casting a withering glance at the other two males at the table.

"I'll deal with you two later," I hissed, taking great satisfaction in their panicked faces as they glanced at one another. I didn't even need to read their minds to know how scared they were. They didn't even have the manliness to hide it! Let's face it, the men in my family were not macho. No wonder I had to be the brute of the family.

As soon as we were in the hallway, I whipped around to face Finn, "You repeat that story to anyone, especially Ethan, and I will kill you."

To my high annoyance, he shrugged off the threat without so much as a flicker of terror in his eyes. Damn him and his non-threatened existence! "How was your date last night?"

Date? What date? What the h--OH.

Spaz attack!

Isabel's Dictionary 8

Spaz Attack: verb. When you stare open-mouthed at nothing in particular, gasping for air for a couple of seconds. Then you proceed to hyperventilate while jumping up and down and up and down...and you get the picture. Then cue the squealing and grabbing onto someone's arm tightly until said arm turns blue.

Once that was over (and Finn's arm was turning back to its original color), I tried to calm myself down. Yeah, sure, like that was going to happen anytime soon. Tugging on Finn's shoulder in what could only be called a Death Grip, I asked breathlessly, "So that wasn't a dream? I really went on a date with Ethan? He really kissed me?" Snapping my fingers, I exclaimed, "That explains the popcorn smell!"

Trying vainly to make me release my hold on him, his expression darkened. "You know, you never make any sense."

"Ethan kissed me!" I squealed again.

"Congratulations," came Finn's dry answer.

"Shut up. I wasn't talking to you."

"Are you done being such a girl now?"

"I am a girl, Finn. This is what girls do when they've been kissed."

"You didn't do that when I kissed you. You must not be that much of a girl then."

My jaw dropped and I whirled around on him. Jabbing my finger into his chest, my voice had once again taken on a dangerous tone. "I didn't do that when you kissed me because I loathe you. Girls only freak out over a kiss when they like the boy who kisses them. But I don't like you, so that equals no freaking out. Your kiss was horrible. It couldn't even be called a kiss it was so bad. Ethan's was much, much better. And if you ever kiss me again, I'll...I'll kick you!"

His eyebrows were raised at my outburst. Looking down at my legs and then back up at my face, he asked with a crooked grin, "You'll...kick me?"

"Yes," my face flushed with the absurdity of my threat, but there was no chance I'd let him know how childish I thought myself. "I'll kick you so hard that you'll...you'll wish I never kicked you in the first place!"

That stupid smirk of his was still in place, and he seemed to be trying to hold in his laughter. Stupid Finn with his stupid laughing. I had the sudden urge to kick him right at this moment.

But being the bigger person, I turned on my heel and walked down the hall towards the exit. He caught up with my a second later, using big strides to reach me. Pouting, I told him, "And I am a girl. Just look at my boobs. That proves it." I pointed at said objects, and then felt a flush rise up my neck as Finn obeyed my words and looked down at my chest, observing them with a speculative eye.

"No, stop! Don't look at my boobs!" I smacked his forehead, causing him to look back up at my face and crossed my arms over my chest. "...Pervert."

"But you told me to look at them!"

"But you never listen to me when I tell you to do things!" That was true. Usually, he waves off my commands with the air of a true rich brat. I tell him to shut up, and what does he do? Keeps talking. I tell him to take spiders home with him? He shoves them into my hands. I tell him to look at my boobs? He stares openly.

That idiot.

We walked to his car in awkward silence. Well, awkward for me, but obviously not for him, seeing as he was strolling along happily. What was he thinking? Straining hard, I glared at the back of his head, trying to read his mind. I wanted to know desperately what he was thinking. He was the one person whose thoughts I had never experienced.

Nothing came. I tried again.

Still nothing. Was I not trying hard enough?

I tried even harder until I felt the forming of a headache, and I still came up empty-handed.

Giving up, I stuck my tongue out at him when he wasn't looking and asked, "Did you get all the supplies?"

"Yes, sir, Captain Roberts!" He gave a salute as he opened the passenger door of his car for me. After sitting down, he slammed the door shut behind me and raced to the driver's side to sit beside me. Grabbing the list I had given him from the ash tray, he looked it over and read it off. "Worms. Check. They're under your seat. Whipped cream. They're also under your seat. I wasn't sure which kind you wanted so I just grabbed a whole bunch from the store. And the last one...dog poop. You're really sick, you know that?"

Rubbing my hands together, I cackled maliciously. "Yes, yes I do. Did you get it?"

"It's in the trunk." He threw the list in the back seat and started the car, muttering under his breath, "Sick...sick, sick, sick..."

Once Finn pulled parked in the school's parking lot, he made me grab all the supplies from the car while he unlocked the school doors. We crept into the hallway, making sure no one was around or watching us. When we were inside and safe, we let out our breaths, and we set to work.

Number one on our agenda was the dog poop. After quickly depositing the bag in the locker of the prep girl from my class, we went in search of another locker in which to put the worms in. Sneaking around with Finn like this was actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be. For once, we got along as we were working together, sharing funny stories and laughing at each other. The witty banter that frequently entered into our arguments was put to better use when we were getting along, and I found I much preferred it when we weren't always fighting.

But that didn't stop me from trying to read Finn's mind. After every sentence I said or every action I did, I stopped and freed my mind for whatever he was thinking, but it was always silent. It was unnerving. Having read so many others' mind, including his cousin's, I was always on the look out for his thoughts and not getting them was making me irritable.Not that I showed my annoyance to Finn, lest he should ask about it. And then we'd probably get into yet another fight, which I wasn't looking forward to.

Which was odd because it always seemed like Finn and I were made to fight with each other.

We were just finishing up when we heard a clattering in the adjoining hallway. Finn looked down at me and I shrugged, pushing him towards the corner. Slyly, he peeked around the corner and then quickly ushered me away. Before I could ask anything, he grabbed my arm and jerked me into a nearby storage closet. Being sure not to slam the door shut, he whispered to me, "There's a janitor and he was headed this way. So be really quiet."

He pushed me against the wall of the closet so he could lean on the door and listen to the janitor as he passed us. What he didn't notice was how close our bodies became when he did so. But I did notice.

I noticed other things, too. Like how long his eyelashes were and how golden they seemed when the light leaking in from under the doorway hit them. His teal-colored eyes glinted in the dim light, staring intensely at the door as he strained to listen. His entire body was tense with the idea of getting caught, his hands grasping my arms in a resolute, iron hold. I caught a whiff of him, a masculine scent that smelled vaguely of pine trees and some other outdoorsy thing I couldn't comprehend. Wanting to smell more of that mysterious fragrance that was all Finn, I leaned in closer.

"Are you smelling me?" Finn's voice came out as a whisper, a low, husky whisper that sent the hair on the nape of my neck standing.

Noting how my face was almost buried in the crevice of his neck, I pulled back, glad of the darkness in the closet as my face heated up. Flustered, I spoke in a whisper as low as his, "N-No. I was trying to get closer to the door."

"Uh-huh," he sounded like he didn't believe me, and I thought he would continue investigating my odd actions or go back to scouting for the janitor. But he didn't do either of those things. Now that I had caught his attention, he was refusing to look away from me.

I turned my head to look at the door, trying to escape his penetrating gaze, but when I looked back, he was still staring. This time, I didn't look back and stared back at him with equal fervor. His eyes traveled around my face, taking in every inch of it. I did the same to him, but my gaze stopped, resting when it came to his lips. I wet my own lips and looked back up at his eyes. They were clouded over and staring back at me with what could only be described as hunger.

"Finn, I--" I breathed out, and that was all it took for his lips to come crashing down on my own. His hands lifted to my shoulders, holding me in place as he massaged his lips against mine, pressing with greed. My mouth felt bruised, but I could care less as I flattened myself against his body, reaching up to twine my finger into his unruly, tangled mass of hair.

His hands moved from my arms to my back, his fingers splaying over me and radiating a heat I craved. He pulled me closer to him and I went without resistance, wanting--no, needing--more of his irresistible heat. Our bodies came together in a tangle of limbs and lips, crushed together as though our very existences depended on holding on to one another.

Next thing I knew, Finn was embracing me tightly, holding me between himself and the closet wall. His hand journeyed to my thigh, leaving a path of blazing heat on its way, and I shuddered as he hitched up my leg and wrapped it around his hip. For a second, his lips left mine and rubbed along my jawbone, his breath heavy in my ear. Wanting more, I turned my head and captured his lips once more, nibbling lightly on them to make him groan. He pressed his tongue to the crease of my lips and I let him deepen the kiss, let him slowly explore my mouth and send me into yet a higher state of passion.

I don't think I ever kissed a boy with such reckless abandon, but with Finn, I found I was liking it. A lot. Possibly too much. I loved how our breaths mingled together, how the warmth from our bodies blended, how his hands roamed my body as though he were worshiping it, cherishing it for all it was worth.

The harsh kiss took a turn, and suddenly Finn was gentler, planting small, light kisses on my lips. His head dipped down to my neck and he placed a single kiss on my exposed collarbone, then trailed up my neck with a series of butterfly kisses. When he came back to my lips, my breathing was hard and panting, and I knew that the look in my eyes probably begged for him. He ran a finger down my cheek, smiling down at me in a way that made me genuinely smile back.

And then we were kissing again, coming up with a routine of long and sweet kiss to rough and passionate ones, alternating between both every couple of seconds. I could feel one of Finn's hands creeping up my shirt, pushing the fabric aside to feel the skin underneath. His fingers felt rough and callused against my smooth skin, but warm, nevertheless, as they snaked up my ribcage. They finally stopped, dancing around the bottom edge of my bra, and the contact made me shiver, his touch sending sparks of some strong feeling throughout me.

His other hand reached for my other leg, to wrap that one around him like the other. But then he became unbalanced and fell backward, bringing me with him onto a tower of buckets the janitors usually used to clean up spills. The mood we had created evaporated instantly, and when I found myself sprawled on top of Finn, an embarrassed blush crept into my face.

He must think I'm such a slut! For what seemed like the millionth time that day so far, I tried to read his mind. But nothing came up. As always. Aggravated at myself for being so easy, and at him for being such a nonthinking loser, I pushed myself off of him, and opened the closet door. The janitor was long gone by now, and the coast was clear.

Finn exited the closet a minute later, trying to tame his hair. When I looked at his lips, I saw they were swollen and figured mine must have looked exactly the same. I waited for him to say something, anything, about what had just happened. I was all too prepared for some negative remark about how I was a terrible kisser, just as I had called him earlier.

But nothing but laughter came out of him. Whirling around, I found him staring at the closet, amused. He looked back at me and pointed at the inside, where I saw a couple of buckets and brooms out of place from our fall. "Hey, Isabel," Finn said, laughing still. "We just came out of the closet."

That was it? That was all he was going to say? That--That--ERR! Stomping up to him, I brought back my foot and sent it forward, mustering all my strength to kick him in the shin.

"Finn Alexander," I spat through clenched teeth. "I loathe you!"

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