"The Things He Has"

By: Cassandra Freiborg 12/19/05

These winter days are smothering,

cant breath, much less call you,

though you may smile on the other end,

theres that chance you'd hang up forever.

No snow here tonight,

just bitter wind gusts on my window,

as Im lying covered by blankets,

instead of your warm arms.

Cant get over your eyes,

so sad and lost,

though I reach out for you,

you wont take my hand,

why? why? why? why?


Too afraid was never like you,

you put yourself on the line to impress others,

but you'd never take a step back,

to see who you already had.

Too many tears wasted,

given up on just being sad,

so Ill wait instead,

until the sun dawns upon your heart,

and you can see,

all the love I have to give.