"Ballad for the Lost Ones Who Chose to Go Astray"

By Cassandra Freiborg

These day I do not weep for long,

as I am tossed into the throng.

Welcome to the apathetic generation,

congrats god, you've some creation.

So although I knew you all to well,

the day you left; it was no hell.

I did not cry and sing sad songs,

no, I did not mourn your memory long.

These days they seem to sapp so quick,

and these attatchments do not seem to stick.

So all the ones I thought I knew,

seem to reshape themselves a new.

Days they seem to pass and I wonder how,

I somehow ended up in ther "here and now."

This dizzyness it makes me sick,

and I cannot seem to get a grip.

Reality it slips away,

with each passing routine day.

To be or not to be is the question,

and I dont think we'll ever learn our lesson.