By:Cassandra Freiborg 11/8/05

Out at dusk,

and the moon and stars,

are wrapped in cellophane,

millions of miles away,

no I cant see the surface.

And the headlights of cars,

with their cellophaned drivers,

they honk their horns,

saying you dont know,

where I have to be.

At home with the faces,

of my family,

cellophaned and distorted,

and I dont know them


School is wrapped too,

with our reflections on the walls,

seeing ourselves,

but not really there at all.


yea its all cellophaned.

My friends say

"You dont understand me."

Or some other excuse like,

"You dont know me."

They're hiding behind...

behind cellophane.

Images so distorted,

by a thin layer of something,

we cant quite see through,

but cant quite live without,

like a shield,

yea it guards us.