A/n: Hello! This isn't the first I've written, but it's the first I'm posting. Reviews are nice, flames will be used to toast marshmallows. I wrote this for my baby, Ace. She's my beautiful love, and this one was for her. Enjoy!

Our Love Slave

I sat in the study waiting for Ace to get home from work. She had called me when she left to say that she had to make one stop and then she'd be here with a treat for both of us.

"I wonder what it could be?" I mused aloud, as I set the story I had been working on in my chair and walked into the kitchen. I've always hated fluorescent lighting so I chose to light several candles instead.

Taking a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream from the freezer, I sat down at the table, with my back to the door. I was facing the windows so that I would see Ace pull up in the driveway a few minutes later.

When the door opened, I set my ice cream down and made sure not to look at Ace. She always liked to "surprise" me when she got home.

I felt hands cover my eyes and a voice say "Guess who?" I was definitely surprised! It wasn't Ace, but it was someone I knew and welcomed. I knew Ace was standing back, watching, holding back a smile.

"Tiffany?" I moved the hands, turned around, and was glad to see that I had been right. I hugged her and then turned around to kiss Ace. My wife wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back gently, and then I turned to Tiffany once more, looking her over.

We'd known each other since middle school. We had always been friends, but when Ace and I had come out the summer before 10th grade, we developed a flirtatious crush on her, too. She constantly had boyfriends, but one year she told us that if her latest boyfriend, Cecil, didn't work out, then she'd join us…as a threesome.

She was slim and sleek, about my height, with blonde hair, pretty, but not in a Barbie-doll way. She had a body and attitude to die for. Ace and I had fantasized about her many times, mostly late at night when we were hot and wanted to try new things.

Ace saw me looking at her and said, mischief emerging in her voice, "She broke up with Cecil today at lunch. She's single now."

My eyes widened; all three of us knew what that meant. Ace picked up the ice cream and handed it to me. Taking my free hand and Tiffany's hand, she led us back to our bedroom, where I lit more candles.

Tiffany looked at the candles and the king-sized bed, at the black Egyptian-cotton sheets, and at the ties and handcuffs on the bedside table. "Does this mean we get to … play?" she asked seductively.

Without a word, Ace pushed her onto the waterbed and took off Tiffany's shirt. When we were sixteen, I promised Ace that if we ever got the chance to do this, I'd let her and Tiffany start without me, and then join later.

I turned to get the ice cream, which was almost melted but was still very cold. When I turned back to my lovers, I saw that Ace had Tiffany's shirt and black lace bra off and had her wrists tied to the headboard.

Ace was sucking on a very hard nipple, so I dripped the ice cream on the neglected nipple, making Tiffany arch her back. I licked the ice cream off slowly, biting her gently, leaving a hickie. I stepped back to take my clothes off, then I sat behind Ace and removed her shirt and bra.

Ace was straddling Tiffany; kissing her lips now, tongues rolling over each other, and I felt myself melt at the sight. As Ace distracted Tiffany, sucking on her neck, I gently pulled off Tiffany's pants and slid a finger into her. She moaned aloud and gasped, "More!" I smiled as I started to add a second finger, but slowed when Ace reached back and added a finger next to mine inside Tiffany's hot, wet body. I quickened my pace again, moving with Ace in harmony as we brought Tiffany closer and closer to ecstasy.

Finally, she screamed out, and I pulled my fingers from her body, but my beautiful Ace thrust three fingers in, harder, faster, bringing her back to the edge. This time she moaned louder and pulled against the restraints holding her back from fucking us. I leaned up and kissed her hard, then softer, as she calmed down.

Ace took advantage of the fact that Tiffany was still tied up and licked down her body. She only slightly delved her tongue inside Tiffany, just for a taste. She moaned to herself, sending the vibrations up Tiffany's body. Reluctantly, she moved away from Tiffany's warm, wet body and sat up to lick her lips and fingers. She said to me, "She tastes good, almost as good as you. Mmm…really good." I caught Ace's fingers in my mouth, swirling my tongue around them, sucking, licking, enjoying the taste of Ace's skin and Tiffany's cum in my mouth. Ace bit her lip then finally moaned my name softly.

She untied Tiffany's wrists, kissing where the cold steel had dug into her skin, and tied me in her place. Tiffany helped tie my ankles to the footboard, spread-eagle, so there was no chance of my escape or resistance. I liked it best this way. No only was it incredibly erotic, but it was also a show of ultimate trust in my partner.

Ace kissed me forcefully, her tongue tasting every bit of my mouth. "You taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream," she whispered, eyes closed in paradise. Her kisses trailed over my jaw down my neck, across my collarbone and to my longing breasts, where she left several dark hickies. She paused long enough to command Tiffany, "Get her ear and her hips. Make her want us." She continued sucking my very erect nipples, licking and teasing them gently, driving me crazy with longing.

I felt a tongue lick my ear and three long fingers push hard into my frictionless body and I moaned aloud, rolling my hips into Tiffany's willing hand. Her thumb searched my hip until she found the hotspot that gets me every time. Pleasure shot through my body from Ace's tongue and Tiffany's hand, and I moaned again.

Ace kissed my lips to soothe me, then pushed Tiffany's hand out of the way and replaced it with her tongue. She lapped at my wetness for a moment, and then put her hand there; with only a single finger, she could get deep. When I was almost over the edge, I felt Tiffany push Ace's hand into my harder, and I climaxed.

Lips and hands ran over my body, hot and moist from effort, trying to soothe me and remove my from my restraints. When I could see again, I saw Tiffany lying on the bed next to us, and Ace sitting over me, kissing me tenderly. I kissed her back lovingly and whispered, "I love you, you Ace. That was amazing."

She kissed me softly and lay down beside me. "I love you too." She nuzzled her face against mine, "so much."

"So much." I echoed. I wrapped my arms around her tight as she did the same to Tiffany. We held each other as we laid there. All three of us lay silent for a while, and then I kissed Ace's jaw and whispered seductively, "You want us. You know you do. You haven't had release yet, and you need it. I know you do. I'm your wife-I can give it to you, we both can. Let us take you."

She moaned softly and kissed me hard, "Please," she breathed quietly. I kissed her and pushed her on her back, trailing kissed down her beautiful body. Tiffany held her down, tightly by the wrists, as I straddled her. There wasn't enough time for worrying about handcuffs. I resumed my kisses and left dark hickies on her breasts. Tiffany and I teased her wanting nipples with our tongues, making her moan in pleasure. I continued my path down her goddess-like form while Tiffany took my place at her breasts, now torturing both nipples.

After removing her pants, my tongue glided over Ace's hips, leaving light hickies everywhere I wished. I kissed her entrance lightly, then quickly delved my tongue into her, earning a sharp gasp. I smiled and continued to explore her warm body with my tongue. Each time I thrust she lets out a little moan. I watch Tiffany pull on a hardened nipple. I match one of my thrusts with Tiffany's ministrations causing Ace to surge over the edge with a rather loud moan.

I thrust a few more times to make sure she is wet, and then move up to her unoccupied breast. Tiffany and I work on them together, creating dark hickies all over them, biting and sucking hard.

After kissing her nipple, I move back up to kiss her lips long and hard, then whisper in her ear, "That was to get you soaked so I could do this!" Without warning, I thrust my fingers into her gliding in easily.

She lets out a gasp. "Oh God, yes! Faster!" she manages to breathe out.

I quickly oblige and pump my fingers in quickly. I kiss her as I slide my whole hand into her gently. I pause to allow her to get used to my hand before thrusting. After a couple of minutes my thrusts easily glide in and out, in and out and I feel myself grow wet at how wet she is. "Is this okay?" I half moan in her ear.

"ohhhhh- Rockett! It's great! Ahh!"

She is at a loss for sound as I open my fist…one finger at a time. I move my fingers around before closing my fist again. I pump my fist hard and fast, bringing her to bliss within seconds. As she climaxes, Tiffany drags her nail from Ace's hands to her shoulder, hard enough to leave marks.

Ace presses her lips against Tiffany's and drags her own nails into my skin. I pull my hand from her then lean up to take my turn at kissing Ace. "I love you, Ace. So much."

"So much." She airily breathes back, kissing me lovingly.

We lay there for a moment, letting our heartbeats return to their normal paces. Just before we fall asleep, Ace moves to the other side of Tiffany and wraps her arms around her waist. I move closer to Tiffany and mirror Ace. We both kiss Tiffany's cheeks at the same time. Ace and I smiled to each other as we watched a smile spread across Tiffany's beautiful face. We had finally gotten what we wanted for so long. Soon the three of us fell asleep in a tangled mass on the comfortable bed, the candles long since burned out. We dreamed of the day's adventures and thought of the incredible feeling of finally having Tiffany, our love slave, between us.