Broken from Those Three Words

You left me.

You broke my heart.

You left me alone

To mend my heart.

The one that you broke,

With your words.

It broke so easily.

Broken when you said those three words.

I thought you loved me.

I guess I thought wrong.

You broke my heart with your three words.

Didn't you know?

Words hurt more than contact.

Your three words....

Why can't I stop thinking about them

If they hurt so fucking much?

Your three words....

Your three hurtful words....

You meant so much to me.

And you ended it all

With your three hurtful words.

Do you realize what you have done?

You left me alone

With my broken heart

And your three hurtful words.

You left me.

I can't go on any longer.

You broke me

Like some useless doll.

I'm not a fucking toy.

You knew that,

Yet you broke me.

Why did you do that?

I thought you loved me.

But now I'm broken.

Left alone to mend my heart.

The one which you had broke.

I can't stop thinking

About the three words you had said before you left me

Those three words....

They hurt more than my heart.

Hurt a lot more.

The three words....

"I hate you"

They hurt....

Broken from those three words.....