You're Beautiful
by battousai24

It's funny how we can talk so freely
When I don't tell you how I really feel
It's amazing how I can still make you laugh and smile
And I feel so good inside

It's just perfect, this time that I'm spending with you
After so long, it's been so long,
Feels like eternity has passed

But you're still beautiful...
So much, no words can express it
So much, I stand still, gawking at that lovely smile
Oblivious that it's directed to me

Well, I'm just dreaming things that won't ever happen
It's not like you'd actually fall for me like I did for you
Life's unfair, and things never happen the way you want them to
And I want you... I want you to fall for me too...

It's just like how I'm falling for you, once again
All over again, this is getting hard
It feels like I'm dying out

But you, you're still smiling...
So much that I can see stars sparkling
So lovely that I can never miss it
But I missed the fact that it wasn't for me

It's always for someone else
I'm never part of your life
You've thrown me out of the light,
Shoved me across the street
I almost got hit by a car and gone insane
Or maybe just died without feeling another second of this pain

Why'd you have to be so beautiful?
So beautiful that it kills me
So beautiful that it's dangerous
So beautiful nothing's good for you