I walk down these halls

Faces jaded angry and mean

A blistering cancer of neo-nazis

The neophytes of reality

Bastardized by a machine we call society

Persecuted by the faceless idols we cling to so dearly

By the flailing monster of a hundred barbed chains

So we are ground down

In the gears of this infernal machine

That we call morality

And of the hundred mouths that speak of everything

And nothing at all

Their voices rape the air

Tainting it with obscenities

So with our glasses high

We raise a toast

To the profits of human suffering

We are sick warmongers and gore crows

The news of hundreds of perversities

That quiver through

This insane network of memories

So we worship these fantasies

Claiming to love our god's humanity

Claiming that these gods are the truth

But truth depends on how much you surrender

To delusion

So let's keep our glasses raised

So never to forget out gods

And what we make of them

Forever and ever-Amen