Chapter 1

Full Summary: Two people who are totally in love runaway together. Getting married seemed like the easiest thing to do. Living together with a new baby right after that is going to be the hard part.

Chapter 1---Insecurities / Big Problems

Lacey, there were a billion words that could describe her. She was free spirited, funny, pretty, smart, talented, and so much more, not to mention she had the hottest boyfriend her little town in Ohio had ever seen.

What is wrong with being perfect in a little town, you ask? Everything is wrong with it. Not only are you being constantly watched by everyone, but also everyone expects you to be something you are not.

Lacey was tired of hiding behind the mask that her life was perfect. Her life was nowhere near as perfect as everyone thought it was.

There had been a place in her life where things had changed; it had been about two years before she made her decision, the big decision that would change her life forever.

Her life up to that point had been perfect, in everyway, but then life began to change. It all started when she had met him, him being her boyfriend Alan.

Alan, like her, was also perfect, or at least everyone thought he was. He was the star quarterback for the high school team, very good looking, could have had any girl in the town, but instead he choice Lacey.

They had been dating for three years. He had been her first boyfriend, and her first love. Yes, she did love him, in everyway that a person could love someone, so that is why she made the decision to do what she did.

It was not an easy decision, but she had put a lot of thought into, and thought it was for the best.

She had been hiding for months now, only going out when she specifically had no other choice. It was now getting harder and harder to hide from everyone, because of what was going on with her body.

Not one single outfit she owned could fit correctly anymore. She had even stole some of her brother's baggie T-shirts just to be able to hide from everyone more.

The whole town could see she was hiding, but chose not to say anything. Although, they were not exactly sure what she was hiding.

'It was time,' she said as she took the steps up to Alan's apartment where he lived on Main Street just beyond the courthouse.

The sleepy little town of Galley was the perfect town to raise a family. It was mostly farm country with a small few stores in town. Life was simple in Galley, and the citizen enjoyed that life style, except for Lacey.

She knocked impatiently on Alan's door. "Alan open up," she said banging on the door slightly louder.

"What is it," he asked as he opened the door. He wiped away the sleep from his eyes as he tried to look at her. "It's two in the morning what is going on," he asked.

"I need to show you something," she said stepping past him.

"Couldn't it have waited till morning," he asked closing the door.

"No," she screamed.

"Alright," he said. "Just calm down. Why don't you take a seat on the couch?"

"No," she screamed. "I don't want to calm down and I don't want to sit down. I am about to go insane. I am tired of hiding."

"Okay," he said looking at her curiously. "You don't want to sit down. You don't want to calm down, and your about to go insane. Can I please know what you are talking about since it is so urgent that you had to wake me up at two a.m.?

"This it what was so urgent," she lifting up her shirt slightly so he could see her stomach. When she did not get a reaction she said, "Well aren't you going to say something."

Alan scratched his head, because he did not know what to say. "Well," he said pausing. "You came over to show me your stomach, at two in the morning."

"No," she screamed. "Don't you see how fat I am?"

"Oh," he said smiling, a fake smile. "It's two in the morning; you drove all the way across town, and woke me up just to tell me you think you're fat. Please next time you are having insecurity issues wait until morning. Now would you please go home, take one of your diet pills, so I can sleep. I have to work in the morning."

He opened the door for her, but she did not budge from where she was standing. "No," she screamed. "I am not fat, I am pregnant."

"What," Alan screamed.

"I am pregnant," she mumbled.

"No, you are kidding, right?"

"No," she whispered.

"Freaking great," he said looking at the ceiling with his hands partially covering his face. He screamed and groaned for a few minutes before bringing his head back down to look at her.

"How did this happen," he asked.

Lacey's head jerked up in shock and she threw him a confused look. "Okay we had sex…"

"I know that part, but I mean number one you haven't given me any in like months. Number two we always used protection. I know we didn't go without any because you wouldn't let me have any unless I was prepared."

"Well number one I am three months pregnant; which is the last time we had sex. Number two obviously your preparation sucks," she yelled. "You are blaming this on me like I did something wrong. I did not force you to have sex with me. As I recall you were the one begging, not me."

"Oh, whatever," he said throwing his hands into the air. "You wanted that as much as I did and you know it. Please do not play that stupid innocent act with me, okay it does not work. I can see right through you." He did not smile; he gave her a hard cold stare for several moments.

Finally, Lacey picked her head up and looked at him. "You know," she said looking up at him. "You are really something."

"What, what am I," he asked.

"You are a jerk," she yelled. "How dare you act like this? Do you realize what I am going through right now? Do you realize I have to face my friends and family and tell them what I have done? Do you realize that my life is officially over from here on? Do you realize that because I am pregnant and not married I will probably be put out of my home and family forever? No, you didn't stop to think about what I am going through, because you only think about yourself."

"There you go again, laying the blame somewhere else besides on yourself."

"I hate you," she screamed running out the door and letting it slam behind her. Tears were now flowing freely over her cheeks.

"Fine," Alan screamed through the closed door. "Be a spoiled brat and run home to daddy."


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