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Two Hearts

Chapter 26 – Clean Starts

As clean as I wanted to start, lets just say that my mom's face made me decide I would tell them about the beating.

"Those ignorant idiots!"

"Mom calm down."

"I'm not calming down!" she almost shrieked and pointed at my dad who inspecting my bruises and cuts, "Edward, you are going to that school and will be asking them to do something about this."

He sighed, "Sweetheart, this might be even worse for Romeo here."

"That's why you will do it discreetly." She glared, "Or I'll go with you."

I looked at my dad terrified and he raised his hands in surrender, "It's ok, I can handle it."

Mom took a towel with ice pressing it to my face, "Where was that boyfriend of yours in all this?"

"At home." I mumbled.

"He didn't walk you home? Well we'll have a chat about that next time he come by."

"He um, he won't come back." I whispered my voice almost cracking, "I think we broke up…"

"See Ed, this is why I didn't want him in a relationship." Mom kissed my forehead, "What an inconsiderate boy! What was his reason?"

"I was visiting a friend without telling him. He thinks I was cheating on him."

"And were you?" I stared at her.


The week was a torture. In school everyone stared at my bruised face and my short hair. Many who had never noticed my bi-coloured eyes stared as well or were nervous around me. Ron had a nice bruise to adorn his eye, but still he and his buddy's snickered at me and pushed me whenever they could get close.

At lunch time I was slumped against my arms poking my food, "Roe, please stop being so sad." Jolie whined.

"Easy to say that." I mumbled as Matt passed our table glaring profoundly at me. And Victor? Well he hadn't been to school and that made me nervous. I didn't want to think he had done anything irrational.

Jake patted my arm, "Look you'll get over this and well, next year will be better."

I rolled my eyes, "Gee thanks."

"Do you want us to come and spend the afternoon with you?" Jolie asked with full concern in her eyes but I shook my head.

"No thanks."

"You shouldn't be alone."

"I won't Ravian will be there." I lied.

The next few days I was zombie in my house, just coming out to feed myself. Until one day I opened the door to find Al in front of me.

He was scratching his head and smiled down at me, "Hey there dwarfy."

I sighed, "Look Al, he doesn't want to see me." I tried to close the door, but the strong hand kept it open.

"I brought you someone who needs to apologize." From under his arm I could see the green eyes that had been glaring at me for weeks.

My throat felt dry, "Matt?" I was so confused that I opened the door wider, "Come inside."

We sat in the living room, Al between us with a frown on his face, "First of all, I think I have to apologize to both of you." He sighed and turned to me, "I really didn't realize how much you cared for my brother here." My eyes were wide, I had not expected this at all.

"So it's true you rejected the money?" Matt asked in a very quiet voice his eyes very serious.

I groaned in desperation, "Of course!" an idea popped in my head, "Just wait here." I ran to my room in full speed and came back panting throwing crumbled money on the table, "I know it doesn't mean much but here's everything he gave me. I never used it because I never wanted it in the first place."

"I shoved it in his pants, almost literally." Al stated almost proudly. Matt's face was blank and he slowly began to frown and get angry.

I almost wanted to cry, he would never believe me, "I swear I never meant to hurt you."

"You got hurt because of me." I stared at Matt, he wasn't glaring at me, but at something else. When he turned to look at me his eyes read worry and I smiled back.

Al stood in panic, "Damn, got to go to practice." He looked at us for brief seconds, "You are friends again right?" I didn't reply and looked back at Matt.

The green eyes sparkled again, "Yeah."

When Al left I invited Matt to my room since he had never seen it before.

I let myself fall on my bed, resting my back against the wall as Matt looked around the picture and paintings I had hung around the room, "These weeks have been a nightmare."

He smiled sheepishly at me, "Yeah, I didn't do much to help either."

I shrugged, "I understand, I don't even want to think what Victor told you."

Matt snorted, "Didn't he come to tell you?"

"No, I think we broke up." I cast my eyes downwards to my hands.

Matt walked to the bed sitting down, "You think?"

I laughed a bit, it had already been two weeks "Well maybe I'm sure." Matt sighed and sat beside me.

"What an ass." We stared at the ceiling for a while, "Why?"

I shrugged and looked at him, "Because I was spending time with you. And I didn't tell him."

"Are you serious?" Matt sneered, "What an idiot."

I shrugged again looking down embarrassed, "Well he has some issues with trusting people."

Matt took my face in his hands, "So what? That doesn't mean he has to be such a prick about it with you." I was looking at him with wide eyes, our faces were so close. His beautiful green eyes searched my face slowly.

I could feel myself blushing at the attention, but couldn't find the strength or need to push Matt away. He was being coming closer and I whispered, "Um Matt?"

"You can't use the boyfriend excuse anymore." He smirked at me and looked me straight in the eye before kissing me.



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