Til Death Do Us Part

You were the light in my world of darkness.

But now you're gone.

I could only have survived

With you by my side.

But now you're gone.

You left so easily.

Like an abandon animal

Is how I feel.

You played with my emotions,

My heart.

I can hardly bear it any longer.

I wanna escape.

For without you is like living in the Underworld.

Up in Heaven is where I wanna be.

For you're there watching over me.

As time goes on, I'm going insane.

For you're not here with me.

I wanna feel your warmth once more.

I wanna see your smile once more.

I wanna see your beauty once more.

I can't take it any longer.

I wanna go where you are.

But I know I can't.

All I want is you

By my side.

I wanna be with you forever.

Til death do us part....