Anatomy of a Dark Star


May 3rd

"Wait up Jase, you gotta explain. Where are we going?" A girl's soft voice cut through the dark.

"To someone who can help us learn about our…abilities." Her male companion responded, just as quietly. They were nearly invisible on such a moonless night, out in the suburbs away from street lights and signs.

"How do you know they won't expose us?"

"He doesn't know we're coming." He might have sounded curt to anyone else but she could hear the smugness in his voice, this was going to work.

"Jason, this stuff is heavy. Can't we….?"

"Dev, not until we reach the lot, it's wooded so it's good cover." Pause, the sound of their muted footsteps stopped. "Devil."


"Promise you, I won't ever leave you. Our parents didn't understand but I think this guy does. I won't ever leave you, you're my Angel."

"Or your Devil, it depends on my mood. Chill Jason, you're getting a little deep there." Her voice was light but he knew she understood him. She always did.

"If you leave me you'll take a bit of my heart, Jase." There it was, her turn to be serious.

"A bit?" The two 18 year olds quit walking again. "You little thief, you've stolen my entire heart." He pulled her into a kiss.

"Mmm, however much I'm enjoying this, let's go crash this guy's party."

"How'd you know there was a party?"

"You're not the only one with …abilities."

"How convenient of me to forget."

"C'mon." The girl dragged him towards the woods. "So, is this guy rich? How'd ya find him?"

"You're ruining the suspense of the night."

"Jason, tell!"

"I was doing some internet surfing and the computer was working really well…"

"In other words, you were hacking." Stupid Jason and his euphemisms.

"That sounds so dishonest, I was researching. Anyway, he checks out for the most part. He's an expert in the field of gene therapy and mutations; apparently that specialty runs in the family."

"So what's his name?" Silence. "What's his name Jason?" Still no answer. "Dragon…"

"Jesse Gibaldi." He said quietly.

"Jason! What the hell?"

"It's not what we thought, you know that. We've had this discussion already and we both knew that we might have to go to someone connected to them."

"I still don't like it. We're in the woods now, literally. Take my hand so we stay together." The two kids disappeared as they hit the tree line. "God, Jase. How long do you expect us to be there? You made me bring my entire dresser." The voice came from the direction of the kids but they could no longer be seen.


There was no party. Jesse Gibaldi had already sent everyone home. He hated those political doctors. Medicine was inhibited when people tried to use it to promote themselves and the ones who always hurt the most were the patients. Despite his family's wealth, Dr, Gibaldi had been raised to be self sufficient. His lack of personal staff increased his privacy but also the rumors about his hermit-esque habits.

An additional obstacle was his age. He finished med school at 19 and was immediately given grants to fund his research. The opportunities given to him were not offered to many doctors older and more experienced and there were definite sore spots within the medical community because of it. He entered the world of genetics with naiveté and blind trust. When he discovered that the Gifted had a gene anomaly across the board susceptible to Mono he never thought that someone would use the virus to find Gifted people. Jesse assumed that all of his patients had come willingly and he was shocked when he found this was not the case. With that blind trust broken, he began to dig deeper into the company he was working for and reveal what The Kemper Foundation really was; a research facility for training Gifted assassins. They were legalized with a division of Homeland Security and given the task of helping rehabilitate dangerous Gifted people.

Outside, Angel looked in and smiled grimly. "He looks like a computer nerd." She stated. Part of her mind was screaming that it was all a trap or they were about to be attacked because getting onto the property had been so easy.

"He's a genius. Let me go in, stay here." She pouted. "Please behave." Jason laid a hand against the house, his image began to flicker. Angel saw him appear back inside.


Jesse stopped his reading. It's not every day that a teenager appears in your foyer after having apparently walked through your wall. In a way, Jesse was somewhat prepared for this event. He handled it in a very calm manor. He put down his book.

"Dr. Gibaldi?"


"I am Jason Jackson; I assume you know what that means."

"You're from the Alpha project, supposedly the most Gifted." Jesse regurgitated the information then paused. "I called you the alliteration kids; I always wanted to talk with one of you of course they made sure that wouldn't happen." Internally, Jason smiled, Angel would hate that nickname but it was the first indicator that he had the right doctor.

"Dr. Gibaldi,"

"Jesse, always Jesse."

"Jesse, I've um, I've heard some things about you that I just want to be clear on. It was published that you left the Kemper Foundation. Did you leave of your own accord or did they fire you?"

"I left." The doctor said evenly, Jason could feel the lingering question. "My research direction and goals were not the same as the Foundation." The young man could feel Angel in his head; it was a comforting feeling as if they were holding hands. When they were connected, their minds were completely open to each other and emotions flowed back and forth. Angel pessimistically felt that Dr. Gibaldi could either be a nice guy or even more radical than their persecutors.

"So what were the differences?"

"I know a line between scientific experimentation and torture exists and I refuse to cross it. I apologize for the treatment that you have received from people I once considered colleagues."

"If you were willing, I would like to talk in greater detail about forming a group to counter act the Kemper Foundation." Jason proposed, both teens waited for a response.

"I am well aware of how much interest there is in you and the estimated projections for your capabilities but surely you do not intend for the two of us to fight a government run project by ourselves?" It was then that Angel phased through the wall.

"Of course not, you have me too." Jesse looked at the two Gifteds, wondering just how much power was now standing in front of him. "Doctor, I don't mean to condescend but if you really knew the extent of our abilities I think you'd be much more nervous about meeting us."

"I disagree, I've met both of you as children and run psychological reports. Neither of you would harm me unless you had a reason, a good one at that." Jesse began pacing around the room, excited. "You are right that I don't entirely understand what you can do but we can fix that if you want. We could run a few tests, all voluntary of course. I'm sorry if I come across as extremely nerdy but your cases fascinate me."

"Stop." The doctor froze in his tracks but not of his own accord. Angel held him in stasis while she considered the situation.

"Angel, what the hell? Let him go."

"He was babbling and it was annoying me, I couldn't think."

"Undo him Dev, let him go. I think he legitimately wants to help us and we're here together to do this." They were close enough to feel the pull from magnets they had embedded behind their tattoos. "Feel that? I am literally attracted to you Angel. Now let him go."

"Fine." She took a step back, distancing the magnets and waved a hand towards Jesse. "Wake up." The doctor regained movement, aware that he had been frozen.

"Ah, and you must be Angel."