"Omari, didn't I tell you to clean this freaking kitchen!" Mr. Dixon yelled out loud in the house. The fifteen-year-old Omari looked up from his homework that he was working on in his room. "Get in here!"

Omari signed as he took off his glasses and got up from his chair and walked to the kitchen. His father shoved a fork in his face.

"You left a fork dirty and you know I don't like that!" Omari took the fork and looked at it. It was clean except for a spot that came from the dish detergent.

"Daddy, it's clean. I washed the dishes and washed them in the dish washer." Mr. Dixon grabbed Omari's shirt and pulled his close. "I'm telling the truth." Mr. Dixon pulled his belt off. "Daddy."

"When I get done with you, I want this whole kitchen cleaned. Every dish, utensil, stove and everything else cleaned. You understand me?"

"Don't hit me!" Mr. Dixon rolled up the belt and punched him in the stomach.

"What did you say?" He threw Omari on the ground and started hitting him with the belt. Omari tried to crawl away, but Mr. Dixon grabbed his leg. Mr. Dixon put his foot on Omari's leg and got on the ground. He started punching Omari all over his body. Omari couldn't stop him and just blocked out the pain. He was use to it.

Mrs. Dixon stood there and watched the entire thing happen. She didn't frown, but smiled She felt Omari deserved it for his performance earlier. When Mr. Dixon was done beating Omari, he and his wife went to bed. Omari cried on the floor before getting up to clean the entire kitchen. Poor Omari had been abused by his parents ever since the seventh grade. That's when Mr. Dixon remarried the woman currently referred to as his mother. Omari never knew his real mother, she was dead since he was three years old.

It was five in the morning when he got done. He couldn't go to sleep since he still had homework to do. Omari hoped that his father wouldn't wake up before he got done. He had to keep his grades up or Mr. Dixon would beat him.

"What are you doing?" Omari looked up and saw his father.

"I was finishing my homework."

"You didn't do your homework?"

"I was cleaning and .." Omari tried to explain as he got slapped in the face. Omari got another beating before school started.

Omari was walking to school after cleaning himself up from the beating. The cold January air felt good to his face and help cool down the heat from his father's punches. He left one place of torture, only to head to another one at Kimball High School. As stated before Omari wasn't too popular at school. Lets face it nobody like him. Like wasn't the word, how about hated him.

"Oh look there's Omari," Jarrell said to his friends as they were sitting at the school steps.

"What is he wearing?" Brea asked.

"Those same pants he wore yesterday," Fredrick laughed. "Father is a freaking accountant. He should dress better."

"Hi Omari," Raymond said. Omari didn't say anything. He just wanted to walk pass them before anything happened.

"You could at least speak," Rochelle said. Jarrell grabbed Omari's backpack to stop Omari from walking.

"Let go," Omari begged.

"No, why don't talk to us?" Brea asked as she was making time for Fredrick and Raymond to setup a prank on Omari.

"I know you guys don't want to talk to me."

"You're right," Jarrell said and pushed Omari into a pile of snow. Fredrick and Raymond started throwing snowballs at Omari.

"Stop it!" Omari yelled. He covered up his head as he was too tired to fight back. Not that it would have made a difference since bullies jumped him almost everyday. The boys didn't stop until they ran out of snowballs. By then a large crowd had gather to laugh at Omari. Omari just got up and walked on in the building.

"What a loser," a student said. "He doesn't fight back at all."

"Well you know his father beats that ss," Eboni said.

"What?" Brea asked.

"You should hear Omari yell at night," Eboni explained. "I turn my music up to drown the noise."

"So why doesn't anyone do something about it?" Ashley asked.

"It's nobody business on how a parent punishes their child. I bet Omari acts a fool in the house. You know Ms. Turner is always calling his father."

"She use to sleep with him," Raymond pointed out.

"He was cheating on his wife?" Brea asked.

"Well from what I heard she found another way to get kicks. I can hear her moaning at night."

"Well you know there are devices that can do that."

"Believe me," Eboni said. "She not using a machine."

"Well Mr. Dixon knows better than we do. So let him deal with Omari."

Omari got his stuff and headed to the bathroom to dry off. The snowball soaked through his backpack and a few of his papers were ruined. He just signed and hoped the day would go better for him. Omari headed down the hallway to his first class, Biology. He really wasn't passing that class and that was without the help of his parents. He was almost in class when he got tripped by Ashley Armstrong, Omari hit the ground hard.

"Hi Omari," Ashley said. Omari didn't say anything as he got up. "Don't you ever wash your clothes? You look all dirty."

Omari didn't say anything and just sat down.

"Don't speak too fast Omari," Ashley said.

Omari just sat there and thought about how horrible his life was.

"Please don't call my Dad," Omari begged Ms. Turner, who was his Algebra teacher. "I just didn't finish my homework." Omari was asked to stay after class since he turned in homework incomplete and wet. His papers got soaked after getting hit by snowballs.

"This is the third time this week. You're just lazy."

"I'm not lazy. I just didn't finish. Don't call my Dad."

"I'm going to call him."

"Don't…" Omari whined and even started crying.

"You are too old to crying! You should be ashamed of yourself."

"He's going to beat me."

"Stop it. You know he doesn't do that."

"He does!"

"Go to class!" Omari got his stuff and headed to his next class. He was almost out the door when he got tripped and landed on the ground. Students started laughing at him, but he couldn't hear them since he knew what he was in store for at home.

Omari was sitting outside during lunch. It was normal for him since kids would bother him at lunch. He would get tripped if he was carrying a lunch or get hit by food. So Omari just starved during lunch.

"There goes Omari," Marlon Thomas noticed. He was with Hector Osborne standing by the door.

"You want to mess with him?" Marlon pushed the door open and hit Omari on the back of the head.

"OUCH!" Omari yelled. He grabbed his head and started crying. Mr. Dixon kicked him in the head last night.

"It was an accident," Marlon said. "Stop crying."

"What a baby," Hector said. "Come on Marlon." The boys stormed off and left Omari there crying.

"Why does he cry all the time?" Marlon asked Jarrell in English class. "I just tapped him with the door."

"He's just weak that's all. You see how easy it is to pick on him."

"Has he ever been like that?"

"I only know him from middle school," Jarrell revealed. "He and Ashley Armstrong got into a fight and he lost. So Mr. Dixon waxed that ss. Ever since then Omari has been a pushover." They looked over at Omari, who was staring at his latest test that he failed. He never got a chance to study after an incident with his mother. He was really in trouble.

Omari was trying to do his homework when his mother came home from work. He was sitting on his bed. She worked as a janitor for a downtown law firm. She didn't need a major job since Mr. Dixon bought home the money from his job. They just didn't the money with Omari.

"Hello Omari," she said. Omari looked up at her.

"Hi Mom." She walked over to him. "I have homework to do."

"You can do it later." She knelt by him.

"I can't Ms. Turner called Dad and told him about my grades."

"Ms. Turner?" She placed her hands on Omari's belt.

"Don't," Omari begged. She undid it and pulled it off.

"You know you like it." She undid his pants.

"I don't. Please don't." She pulled down his pants. "I don't want you to do it again."

"Well I guess your father will have to beat you even harder."


"Well?" Omari held back his tears as he stood up and she pulled his underwear down. "That's better."

For the next hour Mrs. Dixon raped her only son. Omari just cried through the entire process. It wasn't the first time that she had done this. When she discovered that Mr. Dixon was sleeping with Ms. Turner, she decided to get even. One day she was walking by Omari's bedroom as he was changing clothes and she him naked. For some sick reason she like what she saw. Later than night, she forced herself on Omari. He didn't know what to do and when Mr. Dixon found out. He beat Omari so badly that Omari missed an entire week of school. Since that night Mrs. Dixon had her way with him.

After it was over, Omari ran into the shower and tried to wash all the evidence off of him. He stayed in there until Mrs. Dixon left the house. He got and went back to his room and tried to do his homework. Thirty minutes later Mr. Dixon came home. He didn't bother to move since he knew Mr. Dixon was on his way to his room. Omari just took his glasses off as his father came in. Mr. Dixon had been drinking this and completely drunk.

"You too good to do homework?" The words came out slurred.

"No Sir."

"Why can't you get it done?"

"I can." Omari just wanted to get it over with.

"Lazy boy!" Mr. Dixon rushed him and everything went black for Omari.

Omari woke up at around one in the morning. He looked at his dresser mirror and for once his face wasn't bruised up. Instead his back was hurting and all he could do was struggle to get to bed.

Omari was awaken by something touching his face. He cracked his eyes open and saw his mother on top of him. He couldn't believe that she was raping him again. Omari didn't bother to make a sound and let her do her thing. He wanted it over with and it wasn't just what his parents were doing to him. He wanted to kill himself and he could careless if it meant going to Hell.

After Mrs. Dixon left for work, Omari got dressed and rushed to get his homework done by the time Mr. Dixon woke up at seven thirty. He finished as his father popped his head in the door.

"Come on Omari," Mr. Dixon said to his son that morning. "I'm dropping you off at school." Omari didn't expect his father to say that to him.

"I can walk Daddy."

"It's too cold to be walking." Mr. Dixon replied and picked up Omari's backpack. "So come on."

Omari dared not risk arguing with his father. He got his hand broken the last time he did that. So he got in the car with his father. The ride to school went quiet as the radio played.

"Why is he doing this?" Omari thought. They pulled up at the school where Jarrell and his friends were outside.

"There's Omari," Brea pointed out.

"Is that his father?" Ashley asked. "Dang that man is huge!"

"He looks like he could start for the Cowboys."

"With the way he beats on Omari, he might be able to down that," Eboni said.

"Have you ever thought that he might be child abusing Omari?"

"No," Jarrell said. "You know how sorry that boy is. He probably asks for it."

"Has anybody seen Omari without his shirt on?"

"He doesn't take gym."

"He's not getting abused," Jarrell said.

"Love you son," Mr. Dixon said as Omari got out of the car.

"Love you too Dad," Omari lied. He closed the door and headed up the walkway. He knew his father wouldn't let leave until he was in the school.

"Hi Omari," Brea said. Omari hoped Jarrell's friends wouldn't do anything to him to. That would be a beating from his father. Omari kept on walking into the school.

"He was rude," Frederick said.

"I'll get him for that," Jarrell said. "Nobody is rude to my girl."

"Omari did you even bother to attempt any of these problems?" Ms. Turner asked Omari in front of the class. "I'm getting tired of this!"

"I tried the best that I could." For obvious reasons Omari didn't even get to his math homework.

"An idiot could have done better than you." A few students started laughing.

"I tried."

"No you didn't. You're lazy and I'm tired of you. I'm flunking you for the six weeks and will recommend that you take Remedial classes. Let somebody that wants to learn in this class."

"I don't care."

"I already knew that. Retarded boy."

"Ms. Turner went off on him," Eboni was telling Brea at lunch. "She called him stupid and retarded."

"She can't call him that," Brea said.

"He didn't try to do any of the work. It's like he doesn't care anymore."

"With a father like his? I think he does care."

Omari was reading in the library when Jarrell, Raymond and Fredrick found him. Omari pretended to ignore them as they sat around him.

"Hello Omari," Jarrell said.

"Don't be rude this time," Raymond said.

"Please leave me alone," Omari said.

"What are you reading?" Fredrick asked.

"Leave me alone."

"What are you reading?" Jarrell asked. He tried to get the book and Omari pulled away. "What are you hiding?"

"Leave me alone." Jarrell gently popped him on the arm. "Ouch!" It was the arm that Mr. Dixon beat on a few nights ago. Omari started crying.

"What a baby," Jarrell said. "I didn't even hit you that hard."

"Jarrell Houston, what are you doing to Omari?" Mrs. Felch asked.

"I didn't do anything to him. He just started crying on his own."

"I saw you hit him."

"I didn't hit him that hard." Omari got his backpack and ran off. "Jarrell, office now!"

"Come on Mrs. Felch," Jarrell said. "He's just acting like a baby."


"Yes ma'am," Jarrell said. He got up and left. Raymond picked up the book and saw the title.

"Suicides," Raymond said. "What is that about?"

"Who cares?" Fredrick said, "Jarrell is going to beat that ss after school."

Omari was walking home when Jarrell, Fredrick and Raymond appeared in front of him.

"You got me two weeks of detention," Jarrell popped off at Omari. "You are such a crybaby. I didn't even hit you that hard. All you had to do was show me the book."

"I'm sorry Jarrell, I just don't like people touching me."


"I'm really sorry Jarrell."

"Well me too," Jarrell said and punched Omari in the stomach. Omari bent over in pain. Jarrell pushed him to the ground. "You are so sorry. That's all you are!" Jarrell kicked at him.

"Please stop," Omari begged.

"You're not worth it," Jarrell said. He wanted to beat up Omari, but realized it wasn't worth it. "Come on guys. I would like someone who can fight back."

"Sissy," Fredrick said.

"Bet he's a virgin," Raymond said and Omari watched as they walked off. He picked his stuff up and kept on walking home.

"I hate my life, I hate my life," Omari muttered all the way home. He saw his mother's car and could only get choked up at the prospect of what would happen next.

"Omari, you're home," Mrs. Dixon said. She had a big black bag in her hand.

"Hi Mom." He tried to walk by her, but she stopped him. "I have homework to do."

"You can do it later. Look at what I have," Mrs. Dixon said. She opened the sack. Omari looked in it. There were a leather whip, handcuffs and other items.

"No. I don't want to." Omari got past her and ran to his room. He didn't expect his father to be in the room since he didn't see the car. "Daddy?"

"Omari." Mrs. Dixon walked up behind him.

"He's playing hard to get." Mr. Dixon got up from his chair and went over to Omari. "He needs your help."

"I don't need any help. I…." Mr. Dixon punched his son in the face.

"Get the clothes off bytch! I would like to see my wife in bed with someone else."

"But I'm your son…."

"What did I just say?" Omari did what he was told. "You better not cry!"

Omari go into bed as his mother followed him. She was already undressed. She got on top of him as Mr. Dixon watched everything. Omari bit his lip to hold back the tears that would get his father to beat him again.

"So who was better me or Omari?" Mr. Dixon asked his wife. After seeing his wife and Omari, Mr. Dixon decided to remind his wife, who she married. Omari was still in his room, only in the closet. He was ready to go crazy. His father saw his mother rape him. He just wanted to die.

"You since Omari just lies there."

"I'm tired of that boy. I always thought he was gay."

"What do you mean that you're tired of him?"

"How about we start over? Get a new child? Omari was an accident after all."

"You want to get rid of Omari?"

"We do have a twenty thousand life insurance policy on him."

"Kill him? How?"

"There are certain chemicals that can be used that no one can detect. It will look like he died in his sleep."

"Can't we just pimp him to others?"


"I have white coworkers that would love some black boy. They have jungle fever."

"Let white woman sleep with our son?"

"Who said women?"


"Where is Omari?" Brea observed the next day. "Jarrell didn't hurt him did he?"

"No," Fredrick replied. "Jarrell let him go after he started crying. You can't touch that boy without him crying."

"I really think that boy is abused," Marlon said.

"Now what would make you think that?" Eboni asked.

"Mr. King talked about child abuse in class. He pretty much described Omari."

"It's none of our business," Eboni said. "Omari is just gay and his parents can't stand it."

"Whatever," Marlon said. "I'm going to report it."

"Stay out of it. I'm sure Omari is going to back here tomorrow."

Meanwhile at The Dixon's house, a pair of twins came out of Omari's room. They were both blond and rather busty. They both had smiles on their faces as Mrs. Dixon was sitting on the sofa.

"Well Kate and Allie, how was it?" she asked.

"He takes awhile, but he was good enough," Kate said.

"He knows how to lay pipe," Allie said. "So how much?"

"One thousand dollars," Mrs. Dixon said. She was pimping Omari to anybody that wanted her son. Mr. Dixon held off on his killing Omari for now. He was at work. The women paid and left as an old man came in.

"Hey Carson," Mrs. Dixon said. "Second room to the right."

"Where is this boy at?" Ms. Turner said on Friday. Omari didn't attend school for the rest of the week. "He will be repeating the 10th grade now."

"I'm getting worried," Marlon whispered to Hector.

"Omari is just sick or hiding from Jarrell."

"I don't know. Something is telling me that he needs help."

"You care to share your comment with the class?" Ms. Turner asked.


"So shut up and let me teach."

"Dang she hates Omari," Marlon told Hector after class. "You can't mention the Dixons without her going off."

"She screwed with Mr. Dixon and got dumped by her."

"I still think something is wrong with Omari. Nobody can stay that sick."

"Why are all these cars around the Dixon's house?" Jarrell asked as he and Eboni walked to her house. "You think that somebody died."

"Who knows and who cares?" Eboni replied. "We aren't here to talk about Omari."

"Oh yeah that's right," Jarrell said. "You're suppose to be giving me some."

"I thought Brea was suppose to do that?"

"If you care about your girl, you wouldn't be taking me to your house."

"Oh shut up."

"Wake up boy," Mr. Dixon slapped his son awake. Omari was messes with his braids either undo, ripped or burned. He could barely open his eyes to look at his father. He had long since given up on fighting anyone. His body was hurting from the various tools used on his body. "Sit up." Omari struggled to do that. Drugs and alcohol got into his system.

"Yes Dad."

"You've been a good boy these past few days."

Omari didn't reply.

"You made us a ton of money. You finally earned your keep for once."

Omari lower his head and father grabbed his face. He pulled Omari back up.

"Look at me when I talk to you."

"Daddy, I don't feel so goo…d."

"You can't handle beer? What a wimp," Mr. Dixon laughed.

"Do you….like….me?"


"Can….you…tuck..me..in?" Omari didn't know what he saying and he was only getting worst.


"Kiss me goo..night?"




"Daddee" Omari closed his eyes and was knocked out. Mr. Dixon let go of him and Omari fell back in his bed. Mr. Dixon got up and looked at his son. The poor boy was naked with all the bruise still on him. Mr. Dixon ignored the urge to do something dirty with his son and walked out.

Omari returned to school on Monday. He was still feeling sick, but he was glad to get out of the house. He forgot that Jarrell was still mad at him and out to get him. He reached his first period class and sat in his seat.

"Omari is back," Brea noticed.

"You know Jarrell is going to kick that ss," Eboni said.

"Where has he been all this time?"

"He's back and Jarrell is going to get him."

"Can't that Jarrell leave Omari alone for once? It's not worth bothering him anymore. I mean everybody else has given up on Omari. He's failing all his classes and the teachers have gotten tired of him. I mean he sleeps in some classes."

"He's here?" Jarrell asked Raymond. "Where?"

"He was in English class. He looked sick and out of it."

"You still plan on getting him? You tried it once and he cried."

"Well I feel like kicking some butt," Jarrell said. "Lets send that boy back home."

"Why don't you leave him alone?" Marlon asked. "He has issues."

"And I'm one of them," Jarrell said. They saw Omari walking down the hall. Jarrell went over to him. "Omari!"

"What?" Omari said and he didn't even look at him.

"You know we have some unfinished business."

"I guess."

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Omari looked up at him. Jarrell saw how bloods shot Omari's eyes were. "What are you a crack head?"

Omari didn't reply.

"I'll see you after school!"

"Okay." Omari walked off. Fredrick and Raymond walked over to Jarrell.

"What is his problem?" Raymond asked.

"Me," Jarrell said.

School was out and Omari decided to hide in the library to avoid Jarrell. It didn't work as Jarrell found him.

"Bring your ss to the locker room! Right now!"

Omari didn't say anything and followed Jarrell to the locker room. Once in the locker room, Jarrell closed the door.

"Why do you always want to hurt me?" Omari asked. "I never did anything to you."

"You were born!" Jarrell said and slapped Omari. "Fight!"

"I don't want to." Jarrell slapped him again.

"Fight back!"

"No." Jarrell got mad and punched Omari in the face. Omari staggered back to wall.

"I'm going to beat you up everyday until you get some balls to fight me," Jarrell promised as he threw another punch.

Omari arrived home with a bruised jaw from Jarrell, who beat on him until he got bored in the Boy's Locker Room. He saw his mother's car and hoped she wasn't home. He went in the house and headed to his room. He was going to lock himself in his room and not worry about his parents. He reached his room and threw his stuff in the corner. He got his shoes off and realized that he had to go to the bathroom and find some food. He went to the bathroom and as he was using it. He noticed his urine had blood in it. Omari was sick and he was only getting worst. He finished and rushed to the kitchen. Omari got some fruit, crackers and bottle water. He reached his room and his mother was there. She was only wearing a robe. Omari just stopped in his tracks.

"About time you came home," she said. She was hiding in his closet all this time. Omari put his food down and went over to his bed. Mrs. Dixon went over to him. She took her robe off. Omari knew what she wanted and could only cry as she started pulling on his clothes.

"Oh Omari!" Mrs. Dixon was yelling as she was on top of Omari. He was really feeling sick. "Whose $hit is this?"

Omari didn't reply. She slapped him and asked him again.

"Yours," Omari muttered. He started sweating. She collapsed on him and rolled over. He was on top of her.

"Get to work!" Mrs. Dixon said. Omari got to work and threw up on her. Omari vomited on him mother and she was hot. She pushed him off of her and Omari ht the floor. She rushed out of the room and closed the door. He could hear something locking and it was his door. He didn't know that his father gave his door a lock.

"You wait until your father gets home!" Mrs. Dixon yelled.

Omari started throwing up again and more of it was blood than food. He struggled to get dress and looked at getting out of the house via the window. He looked at them and they had locks on them.

"No!" He heard his father come home. "No!!!!" He was sweating, blood pressure was up, he wet his pants and his nose started bleeding. The room started spinning and Omari fell to the floor. "I just want to die…."

Jarrell was keeping his promised about beating up Omari everyday. Jarrell had him on the ground punching him in his chest. Omari just took it, he was feeling horrible and Jarrell was the least of his worries. Meanwhile all of Omari's teachers were ready to give up on him. His grades were getting worst and worst. They even took their complaints to his counselor, Ms. Rowland and she assured them that she was going to talk to Omari.

"You're a handsome young man," she said. "Why are you playing sports or in the school choir?"

"I don't want to."


"I just don't want to," Omari replied looking down at his feet.

"You know your grades are horrible. I mean last year you were a C student and now you look like you have given up."

"I'm trying hard, but it's hard to."

"Why is it hard?"

"It just is." A few tears started gliding down his face. "Everybody hates me here."

"I'm sure they don't."

"They do. Jarrell won't leave me alone."

"So Jarrell is the reason why you can't do your work?"

"Sort of."

"Omari, come over here." Omari didn't know what she was talking about since he sitting in a chair in front of her desk.


"Beside me."


"I think you need a hug."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do or do I need to call your father?" Omari got up and walked around her desk. She patted her lap as to serve noticed for him to sit on her lap. He did and realized she had anything, but his education on her mind. "That's better. Like I said you're a handsome young man…"

Omari didn't reply. He just though why most women told him he was cute and wanted to rape him. She pretty much spent the rest of the hour feeling Omari up, all over his body. It turned her on for some sick reason and made him feel worst than unusual.

"Young Mr. Dixon," Mr. Carey said as Omari entered his Chemistry class after leaving Ms. Rowland's office. "Nice of you to finally show up."

"Ms. Rowland wanted to talk to me," Omari said and bit his lip. He sat down as the rest of the class looked at him.

"Did she give you a pass?"


"You know you need a pass to be in here. Go get it."

"I can't. She's in a meeting."

"No she isn't. She is standing in the doorway," Mr. Carey said. Ms. Rowland motioned for him to come to the door. They talked for a few minutes before Mr. Carey called Omari to the door.

"It seems that you are need again," Mr. Carey said. "You just make sure that you come back here to get your homework. Not that you're going to do it correctly."

"Yes Sir," Omari frowned.

"Come along Omari," Ms. Rowland said.

"Probably going to put him in Special Ed," Jarrell joked. "Where he belongs."

A quick beating from Jarrell after school and Omari was on his way home. Now realizing that nobody cared if he passed or failed school, he wouldn't care either. He was going to repeat the same grade and still get beatings from his father no matter what. He was a failure in every sense of the word.

"I'm just a loser," Omari kept muttering all the way. He made it home and went to his room and sat on the floor waiting for his parents to come home and abuse him any way they wanted. He heard the front door open and stood up as he heard his father yelling about getting a call from school about him insulting Ms. Rowland. He just closed his eyes as Mr. Dixon came in his room with a golf club and swung it him.

"Why is there blood in this seat?" Rochelle asked Brea in Algebra class. "This is so nasty."

"It look fresh," Brea said. Ms. Turner came over to where the girls were sitting.

"What's wrong girls?"

"There's blood in this seat. Who was sitting here last period?"

"Omari. He slept through class."

"He has been looking sick," Ashley said.

"I better get Dr. Knight to look for him."

When Ms. Turner was out of earshot Ashley looked over at the girls.

"What's wrong?" Brea asked.

"Hector told me that some weird stuff is happening at the Dixon's house."


"Cars were all over there last week and Eboni mentioned hearing some moaning form Omari's room."

"That still doesn't mean anything," Rochelle said. "He might be sick."

"Nobody can find him," Hector told Marlon. For the last two class periods, people looked for Omari. He was nowhere to be found. Dr. Knight was considering calling the police.

"I hope he's fine. It would suck if he was hurt."

"Well we won't know until we find him," Hector said. "I gotta stop at the bathroom."

"And you're telling me this for?"

"I was being nice," Marlon fumed. He went in and almost tripped over something. "Ouch!"

"What?" Hector asked.

"I found Omari." Omari was on the bathroom floor. His pants were down and his underwear was just red with blood. It matched the blood coming out of his nose and on the floor.

"Is he alive?" Marlon went over and felt Omari's neck. Marlon nodded. "We got to get Dr. Knight."

"Heck no," Marlon said. "I'll calling my Dad-This calls for the police."

"I know something happened to him in that house," Marlon told his father. Officer Thomas arrived to the school before the ambulance did. Omari was still unconscious and rushed to the hospital. Officer Thomas was about to look for Omari's parents when Marlon stopped him. "Can't you do something?"

"I can't do anything. Omari has to ask for help and have you seen any of his injuries?"

"No. He stays covered up all the time. He doesn't even talk in class."

"I need proof."

"What about Child Protective Services?"

"I wouldn't want them helping me. I can call them, but don't expect much."

"Your son is sick," Dr. Ross told Omari's parents. "He flat lined six times. We finally got him stable."

"You figure out what's wrong with him?" Mrs. Dixon asked.

"He needs to start eating," Dr. Ross said. "We had to give him blood since he lost so much at school."

"Will he recover?" Mr. Dixon asked.

"That's up to him."

"Can we see him?"

"Go ahead. He's just sleeping now." The two went to Omari's room. He was in bed with about ten different tubes hooked into him. He looked peaceful in his sleep, something that eluded him for many months.

"Look at him," Mrs. Dixon said. "So peaceful."

"He could have died."

"Well we just have to be more careful." Mrs. Dixon went over to Omari. She let down the rail and pulled the covers off of Omari. "You hungry?"

"I am," Mr. Dixon said. "I'll be in the cafeteria."

"I'll join you later. I just want to spend some time with Omari." Mr. Dixon got the hint and left the room. Mrs. Dixon closed the door and pulled the curtain around Omari's bed. She lifted up his medical gown and discovered Omari wasn't wearing underwear. "You won't be crying this time."

While she was doing her thing, she didn't notice a single tear fall down from Omari' s eye. He knew what was happening. He couldn't even be near death and his mother couldn't help, but take advantage of him.

Marlon couldn't sleep, he was thinking about what Omari was going through. He really wanted to do something about it. His father needed evidence to prove anything. He sat up in his bed and grabbed his backpack. He opened it and pulled out a set of keys. They belonged to Omari. Marlon took them after Hector left to get help when they found Omari in the bathroom. He decided to sneak into the Dixon's house and find anything that might help Omari.

Marlon was biking down the street to the Dixon's house. He pretended to go to school to fool his father. He reached the house and saw no cars in the driveway. He rode around into the alley and parked his bike in the back. He ran around to the front and unlocked the front door. He closed the door and headed to Omari's room. It was a mess from the last time Mr. Dixon beat Omari. He looked around and saw a video camera on the dresser. He went over and played it. There was footage of Mr. Dixon beating Omari. He looked down and saw a video bag on the floor. He looked through about ten tapes and the footage made him sick. People raping Omari including Mrs. Dixon, her coworkers and the police chief's wife.

"I gotta get this to Dad," Marlon said. He grabbed about five tapes and put them in his backpack. He heard the front door open and he rushed under the bed. Sadly he didn't account for used condoms and other sex toys. It got all over his clothes.

"Dang," he muttered. He saw a pair of feet come in and another set entered later.

"What are we going to do?" a male voice said. Marlon clicked the camera on to record the talking.

"If he dies we have life insurance on him," Mrs. Dixon said.

"What about your husband?"

"A nice little car accident will get rid of him. I just have to wait until Omari comes out of the hospital."

"Then it will be the three of us," the male voice said.

"No the two of us. Omari isn't going to live that long. Lets go." The two walked out of the room. Marlon waited until about two hours before they left the house. He got from under the bed and rushed for the back door. He got on his bike and pedaled home.

"This is so sick," Marlon yelled. He got the tapes and hid them in the locked cabinet where his father kept his guns at. Marlon made a spare key without his father knowing about it. "What a pair of freaks."

He realized that he had the camera in his hand. If they discovered that it was missing, the cops would eventually discover that he took it by finger printing the room. He decided to take it back, but not before leaving his father a note. He was almost finished when the doorbell rang. He figured that it was Hector since it was lunchtime at school and the students could leave campus for lunch. He got his messed up shirt off and grabbed his Denver Nuggets jersey to put on.

"Yo Hector," Marlon said as he opened the door. It wasn't Hector. A white man rushed the door and attacked Marlon. Marlon rolled around on the ground and ran to his room. The man closed the door and locked it. Marlon was opening his window when the man ran into the room. He grabbed Marlon and threw him to the floor. Marlon hit his head as the man pulled out a rope and jumped on Marlon. He wrapped the rope around Marlon's neck as the boy struggled. He started choking Marlon as Marlon struggled for breath and to get free.

Two months had passed and Omari was back home. He had ten different types of medication to take and was on a strict diet. Omari would still doze off in classes. It wasn't his fault, the medication made him sleepy. His father left him alone, but his mother would still molest him. Omari didn't even bother to fight, when he saw her. He got undressed and the rest was history.

"I wish Marlon was here," Hector was telling Jarrell. Marlon was missing for two months. When Officer Thomas got home, the house was a mess and Marlon was nowhere to be found. The camera was gone as well. An Amber Alert was played for weeks for Marlon, but he was never found.

"I'm sure he's fine."

"He is not the type to runaway from home," Hector said. "I bet this all related to Omari."

"Omari?" Omari was sitting in the lunchroom staring at his lunch.

"I think Marlon took something from Omari after I got back with Dr. Knight."
"How did you know?"

"Marlon had blood on his pocket and I know he couldn't have gotten it by kneeling next to Omari."

"You think Omari had something to do with it?"

"More like his parents. I still think something is going on," Hector said. "He wears nothing but long sleeves shirts. He has to get hot."

"Well I'm still getting him after school. I promised him that."

"What are you doing here?" Omari asked his mother after he was called the office.

"I figured that you need a ride home."

"I can walk." Omari forgot about Jarrell and his beatings. He was now scared about what Mrs. Dixon had planned for him.

"Oh no you don't," Mrs. Dixon said. "Lets go." Omari followed his mother to her car and got in. When they got home there was a car parked in front of the house.

"Who is that?"

"You have some work to do," Mrs. Dixon said. "We have to pay for those medical bills some how." Omari knew he was in trouble now. He went almost two months with being raped by anyone and now he was going to make up for lost time.

"Hello Omari," a black girl said. Omari recognized the girl as Jarrell's sister. She was in college in North Texas and was home for a few days. Mrs. Dixon pushed Omari into his room.

"You two have fun," Mrs. Dixon said and closed the door. Omari wanted to ask Jenny why she wanted to have sex with him, but it would just get him a beating from his father. He just sat on his bed as did Jenny.

"You scared?"

Omari didn't reply. Jenny loosens his belt.

"You have never been with a woman?"

No reply. She put her hand into his pants and underwear.

"You're pretty small."

No reply. She put her other hand inside Omari's shirt.

"You don't talk much?"

No reply. She rubbed his chest and abs.

"Nice little six pack."

No reply. She removed her hands and dung in her pockets. She pulled out some pills. She got one and held it out for Omari.

"Eat this." Omari took the pill and swallowed it. She dung into her backpack and pulled out a needle. Omari knew what it was for since he had needle marks from before. He just rolled up his sleeve.

"Good boy." She injected the dirty needle into his arm. It didn't take long for the drugs to get to him. "I wonder what we could do first." Omari got up and knelt down in front of Jenny. He undid her pants and pulled them down along with her panties.

"You really are a pro," Jenny teased as she forced Omari to go down.

It was Friday night and in rare case Omari was home alone. His parents went out for the evening. Mr. Dixon made sure that he gave Omari a harsh beating to make sure that he wouldn't try anything. Omari had cried himself to sleep after being forced to drink Night Quill. The couple went dancing and drinking with Officer Rhodes and Jarrell's parents. Mr. Dixon excused himself from the table when he saw a certain person.

"You know what to do?" Mr. Dixon asked a burly white man with a brown beard.

"Just go to the house and try not to wake up Omari."

"He's not waking up no time soon. You'll get your money when everything is done."

"I'm on my way."

"Don't screw up Nixon."

Nixon drove to the Dixon's house and parked behind Mrs. Dixon's car. He got out of the car and went into the house. The house was quiet as he went into the garage and opened the garage door from the inside. He had two things to do before seeing Omari.

An hour later Omari was slowly waking up from his sleep. He could feel heavy breathing on his neck. Omari opened his eyes and saw Nixon over him.

"Hello Omari." Nixon had grease on his hands and shirt. "You know what I want you to do?" He smeared grease on Omari's forehead.

"I don't want to do that."

"Not me!" Before Omari could say anything else, Nixon moved out of the way. "My daughter." His daughter was standing there and she was ugly! Ugly as in Wanda from In Living Color ugly.

"Please no."

"You will do it and I will watch! She always wanted a ni99a to have sex with her. Get out of that bed."

"Do I get to call him names?" the girl asked.

"Whatever you want. We get to take him home with us for the weekend." Omari's jaw dropped as Nixon grabbed him from the bed.

"I have never seen a boy get as sick as Omari," Brea observed on Monday at school. Omari spent most of his time in the bathroom throwing up. That girl let her mind run wild with whips; whip cream, belts and a goat. All that swallowing of various "juices" made him sick. He just sat by the toilet and put his hands to his face. He wanted to end his life and thoughts of going upstairs to the roof and jumping entered his mind.

"I'm doing it," he said. "I don't care anymore." He mustered up his strength and left the bathroom. He was going to the stairs when Mr. Cook, the Assistant Principal and Ms. Ross found him.

"Omari." Omari wanted to ignore, but couldn't. "I need to talk to you."


"I hate to tell you this, but your mother was in a car accident and died."

"She's dead?"



"Yes." Omari started laughing much to Mr. Cook's dismay. She was gone; the woman that raped him was gone. He then realized that he still had his father to deal with. Without his mother, Mr. Dixon would just beat him like crazy.

"Omari?" Omari started crying realizing he was still in hell. He started crying. Ms. Ross tried to touch him.

"Don't touch me!" he yelled at her. "Stay away from me!"

"Please calm down," Ms. Ross said.

"Stay the fk away from me!" He ran off and forgot about his suicide attempt for the time being. He ran out the school doors and kept on running.

"That's him," Officer Thomas told another officer. He was staring at the dead body of Marlon. They were in the city dump and a trash man discovered the body. Marlon was strangled to death and it appeared that his body was kept in great condition.

"I would speculate that his body was frozen and later dumped here," Officer Eve said. A few more officers came over.

"I'm sorry about Marlon," Officer Ford said.

"We have this and a car accident," another one said.


"Mrs. Dixon died in a car accident a few hours ago."

"There's something more to all this," Officer Thomas said. "I just have to figure it out."

Three months later….

Omari had finish cleaning the house and was going to do his homework. His mother's funeral went smoothly as did Marlon's funeral. The kids at school still looked at him funny as if he had something to do with the death. However they left him alone. That was not true with his father, who beat him every chance he got. Which explained why he had a huge black eye and a missing tooth. He still got sick for unknown reasons since his father refused to take him to see a doctor. He had long since run out of medication and he couldn't refill them since he was a minor.

"Omari, I'm home," Mr. Dixon called out. Omari just groaned.

"I'm doing my homework."

"Why?" Mr. Dixon walked into the room. "You're too stupid to get it right."

"I'm not stupid."

"Yes you are," Mr. Dixon said and walked over to him. "You're just stupid." Mr. Dixon popped him on the head.

"Stop Dad. Please." Mr. Dixon did it again. "Dad."

"Omari, answer me a question. How did I end up with such a sorry excuse of a son? You don't play sports or bring girls over. You still a virgin? Why are you such a loser?"

"I'm not a loser."

"Really." Mr. Dixon placed a box in front of Omari. He opened the box and there were razor blazes.

"What is this for?" Omari asked.

"You figure it out," Mr. Dixon said and punched Omari in the face. It was beating time again.

Officer Thomas was going through Marlon's stuff after deciding to give some of it to the Salvation Army. He opened his son's footlocker that once housed Marlon's comic book collection. Among the comics were a few action figures that Marlon collected.

"What is this?" Officer Thomas said. He picked up some tapes from a video camera. He went to his VCR and scanned through the tapes. He saw various people having sex with Omari, Mr. Dixon beating Omari and other acts with Omari.

"That son of…," Officer Thomas said. He got up grabbed his shotgun and cell phone and rushed out the door.

"I need as many officers as you can get to the Dixon household, " he said on the cell phone. "Don't ask questions just do it!"

"You better be at the table to eat or dead in twenty minutes," Mr. Dixon told Omari. Omari was on the floor in pain. "Or else I'll do it again!" He left the room and Omari struggled to get to his desk. He got the box of razors. Omari cried as he got the sharpest blade he could find.

"I can't take this anymore," Omari said. "Anything is better than this." He slashed the blade over is left wrist. "Death or Hell. Anything is better." He slashed his other wrist. He laid on the floor and just waited for everything to end.

Officer Thomas arrived with three officers and instead of knocking on the Dixon door. He clocked the shotgun and fired. The door opened and they rushed in. Two officers grabbed Mr. Dixon, who was eating dinner and arrested him on the spot. Officer Thomas rushed to Omari's room. Omari was on the floor; his father had beaten him badly. There was blood coming from his wrists. Officer Thomas rushed over to him and tried to stop the bleeding.

"He tol..d me tha…t I had two choices," Omari muttered as he was crying. "Let him keep beating me…..or kill myself."

"Hold on Omari."

"I don't want to……I just want to…..die," Omari said and closed his eyes. He stopped moving as Officer Thomas picked him and headed to his car. A crowd was outside after hearing Mr. Dixon yell as he was being put in the squad car. Officer Thomas came out and put Omari in his car. Jarrell, Eboni, Raymond. Fredrick and Eboni saw everything.

"What is going on?" Jarrell asked.

"I guess Omari was getting beaten by his father," Eboni said. "You saw all that blood." Officer Thomas drove off.

"So how bad is he?" Officer Thomas asked Dr. Ross. Omari was in the Intensive Care Unit with tons of tubes hooked up to him. His wrists were wrapped up and people got sick when they saw all his bruises. His left arm was completely broken. "Will he make it?"

"No. You might as well take him to morgue. I hate to be that blunt," Dr. Ross said. "I don't think the poor boy wants to live anymore."


"Of the many times we tried to revive him, he kept begging to die. He'll do that soon enough since he's HIV Positive."


"He has been like that for at least two months. That's why he has been getting sick so much. It's just a matter of time."

"Can't believe this," Officer Thomas said as his cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"You won't believe this," Officer Grant said. "Mr. Dixon has been killed."


"It seems he paid some guy off to dump Marlon's body and Omari to have sex with his daughter. Omari…"

"I know. He's HIV Positive."

"Well the father was arrested for something earlier and they both ended up in a cell. We found Mr. Dixon with his neck snapped. So we have no case and Omari doesn't have either of his parents."

"Thanks," Officer Thomas said and hung up. "Mr. Dixon is dead."

"So that whole family is gone," Dr. Ross said. "You can see Omari if you want to."

Officer Thomas went into the room and saw Omari in his bed. Omari was handcuffed to the bed since he was considered a suicide attempter. Omari was noticed him and didn't say anything. Omari knew he was dying.

"Hi Omari."

No reply.

"I wanted to tell you that your father is dead."

"I don't care."

"I know you don't mean that."

"He beat me and gave me this death sentence. I have AIDS."

"Yo know there are people that live for years with it."

"I'm not going to live that long. Everything hurts."

"You'll make it."

"I won't. I don't want to." Omari cough and some blood came from his mouth.

"Should I get the doctor?"

"No. It's too late…"

"No it's not."

"I can't feel anything below my waist." Blood poured out of Omari's nose. It was time.

"Doctor Ross!" Officer Thomas yelled form the room. Dr. Ross came in the room.

"Nothing I can do for him," Dr. Ross said as he watched the machines show Omari's heartbeat and pulse go down.


"I can't move my arms and is it getting brighter in here?"

No reply.

"Officer Thomas, I'll say hello to your wife and Marlon for you."

"Thanks." Omari coughed a few more times before resting his head on the pillow for the last time. The machines all-flat lined and Omari Grandberry Dixon was gone…

"Students," Dr. Knight said over the PA during morning announcements. "We lost another student last night. Omari Dixon died due to child abuse. I want to remind all of that if you are being abused by anyone, please report it. It's too late for Omari, but it's not too late for others."

"I don't care if that boy is dead," Jarrell told Fredrick "He was a loser and a wimp for not fighting back."

"It was his parents," Eboni said. "Who was going to believe him?"

"It's still sad that he died. That entire family is gone."

"So when do we bury the loser," Jarrell asked. He really didn't care about Omari, in fact a lot of kids didn't care. They just weren't as vocal as Jarrell was.

"There is no money to bury Omari. His father made sure of that."

"What are they going to do with the body?" Brea asked.

"I think they can donate his organs," Hector said.

"They can't do that," Raymond said. "My Mom is a nurse there and she overhead the doctor reveal that Omari was HIV Positive."

"See! He was gay," Jarrell said. "I told you guys that."

"Still what are they going to do with the body?"

"It's still at the hospital," Raymond said. "Officer Thomas is trying to raise money to at least cremate Omari."


"What are you thinking about Jarrell?" Fredrick asked.

"Come on Raymond and Fredrick," Jarrell said. "We have gym class." They walked off as the others looked at them.

"What is Jarrell thinking of doing?" Eboni asked.

"Hopefully nothing stupid."

"You are out of your mind!" Raymond yelled at Jarrell as they were walking home. "We can't steal Omari's body."

"You are sick," Fredrick added. "What are you smoking?"

"Nobody is going to miss it," Jarrell said. "We just get the body and dump it in a grave for another funeral."

"It's wrong," Raymond said. "He's already dead."

"Nothing is going to happen."

"Well you do it yourself," Raymond said. "That poor boy was abused, molested and given AIDS. Let him rest in peace. I already feel bad about mistreating him."

"Count me out too," Fredrick said. "I'm going to church and pray for forgiveness. I don't want to go to hell for this."

"You're not going to do it," Raymond asked.

"I won't." Fredrick and Raymond walked off.

"Wimps," Jarrell said. "I'll just do it myself."

Although it should have been impossible for Jarrell to sneak into the morgue of the hospital, Jarrell made it. He managed to get a hospital laundry cart to put Omari's body in. He searched the rows of frozen bodies until he discovered Omari's. He lifted the cover and poor Omari was there. All his bruises, cuts and scars were there and Omari's skin was slowly turning blue. Jarrell looked at a tablet that next to Omari and it mentioned that Omari would be sent to a college to be used as a cadaver for first year medical students, if no money was raised for a funeral.

"Dang," Jarrell said. "Little loser got his butt kicked." He got the rest of the cover off of Omari. "You don't even have decent balls. No wonder you were gay." He got Omari into the cart and headed out the door.

"Are you sure?" Officer Thomas asked Raymond. Raymond had a feeling that Jarrell was going to do something stupid after discovering Jarrell wasn't home. "Jarrell is doing this?"

"Yes. He was going to steal the body and bury him in some empty grave."

"WTF is wrong with your kids! You guys have nothing better to do with your time. If you were nice to Omari, you guys could have become a great music group. Come on!"

"Where are we going?"

"To stop Jarrell!"

"We don't even know which graveyard."

"I know which one he's going to," Officer Thomas. "The only one that has a graves already dug up."

"But which grave site?"

Jarrell loaded Omari in the backseat of his car and drove off to Singing Hill Funeral Park.

"Everybody should be happy that you're dead," Jarrell said. "You were never going to amount to anything. Get you buried and we can go on with our lives without hearing about you." He drove along and reached his destination. He was in the far back of the graveyard that was recently built. Jarrell had to walked about ten feet from were he parked in order to find the burial site. It was a grave for his grandmother, who died a day before Omari. Jarrell could dump Omari in there and no one would know.

"Perfect," Jarrell said.

"Put your freaking hands up!" It was Officer Thomas with his gun locked and loaded at Jarrell. Raymond was at Jarrell's car since he got sick after seeing Omari.

"What are you doing?" Jarrell asked. "I'm just saving time."

"You have no right to touch Omari's body."

"Yes I do!"

"Only family can and Omari doesn't have that anymore. So we are going back to the hospital and try not to remember all this."

"I'm not going anywhere until that little freak is in this grave."

"Why do you hate him so much?"

"He was a loser."

"That can't be all. You got to do better than that."

"The MF gave my sister AIDS!"


"She slept with him a while back and contracted it."

"So she raped Omari like so many others. I did see her on those videos."

"See? I need to get back at him!"

"Tessa is twenty-three years old and had sex with a minor. That's rape I guess she got what she deserved."

Jarrell got mad and grabbed a shovel and rushed Officer Thomas as Officer Thomas's back up showed up….

Four Days Later….

"I can't believe the Houstons are paying for Omari's funeral," Brea said. "The mayor is going to be here with so many important people." Brea, Eboni, Fredrick and Raymond were standing outside The Good Street Church as people were arriving to say goodbye to Omari.

"Officer Thomas is starting a scholarship fund in Marlon and Omari's memory," Eboni said. "Not to mention the Omari Dixon Foundation."

"All this for a boy that nobody knew was getting abused," Fredrick said. "I wonder what he's thinking right now?"
"He probably thinking why didn't anyone does this while he was still alive," Raymond said. "At all the people that raped him are going to jail."

"Well not all of them," Brea hinted.

"Well what do we have here?" a woman asked a delivery was being made to her location. "We didn't expect this until next week."

"You lucked out," the deliveryman replied. "The family agreed to this quickly. Just sign here." He handed her a form and the woman singed it. "Where do you want it?"

"Right over there by the wall." The man pushed the long cart to wall.

The woman let the man out and went over to the cart. She picked up the forms and reviewed them. "Death by 15 gunshot wounds from four days ago. Subject name is Jarrell Houston," Dr. Braxton said. "Well Mr. Houston, our students will have a good time cutting up on you." She pulled the cover and Jarrell's dead body was there with gunshot wounds and a few bruise via police sticks. Meanwhile in a heavenly place a boy with long braids, no bruises or scars cracked a smile for the first time in years.