Leif's Unidracogriff

Note: Following on the heels of the previous guide this tale explains how hybrids between magical creatures, although rare, are possible. Unidracogriffs are always pure creatures. Griffons and dragons can be good or evil, so one has to be cautious. The one Leif meets is no acception...He names her Freedert after an ancient legend.

Chapter 1—The Wounded Creature

Leif was always a busy, athletic sort and he had many activities in which he was involved. He was the best kicker in the soccer team and often made the most goals for his school's team, the Bobcats. It was a little late after his practice and Leif was beginning to get hungry. He could almost taste his mother's sensational meal. His father wouldn't be home until later, but he was always glad to see his dad.

It was a typical spring day in the country and Leif was peddaling as fast as he could on his ten-speed bike to arrive home for dinner. His mother, Frieda would be waiting for him and she would always gather him up in her surprisingly strong arms. Inspite of her strength, she was still very feminine, but she had to work too, especially considering that he had a little brother or sister on the way. He didn't mind that he would be welcoming him or her to the world soon. Besides, he had always wanted someone to take care of and teach "the wisdom of life" to.

On the way home, Leif came across an ailing animal by the side of the road. It looked like an Arabian horse had been hit. Leif was aware about how rare it was, especially in his part of the country, for horses to be roaming around without owners. He went to investigate, thinking he could help the horse somehow. Once he saw the beast closer, he realized it wasn't a horse that had a wounded leg.

The Unidracogriff turned and her piercing, yet gentle, ruby eyes met Leif's sky blue ones.

"Are you here to help me, young boy ?", the griffon like being said.

"Did you just speak to me, Griffon ?", Leif said, almost stunned.

"Of course I did. I'm a Unidracogriff...But I will explain that to you later. Aiye, my leg...", the beautiful being said. She was definitely in pain, and Leif, with his boy scout training and instant response in what first aid he knew, bandaged up the wound for the creature and put some salve on it to ease the pain. Soon the being was able to get up on her four feet, all different. Her forepaws were just that, paws, much like a lions. Her hind legs were like that of a unicorn, including bushy tail. The only draconid part of her were her leathery wings, which were silver. Also, like a unicorn, she had a horn from the center of her head. At once, Leif had a sense of respect, awe and wonder for her. So taken was he that he named her Freedert, after the legend of the lovers from the long told story Ice and Snow. She seemed to approve of the name and being kind, she said she would remember what the generosity that he had shown to her. He wondered when he would see her again, but he gazed at his watch and said goodbye as polietly as he could without being rude. Then, like a flash of lightning, he had zoomed home.

Chapter 2—Papa's Home

Leif's papa, Oscar, had come home early since he had finished his work so rapidly. He gave his son a huge bear hug and kissed Freida on the lips lovingly. He had missed them all so terribly. The conversations began about how their jobs had been and how much closer she was to delivering the baby. All of this was extremely exciting but Leif began telling them about the Unidracogriff he had seen. Since he was about thirteen, his parents thought he should be leaving foolish fantasies by the wayside and thinking about his future and what he was going to do once he was finally a man. He knew he had to be responsible but he couldn't just forget Freedert. She was far too magnificent to be obliterated from his mind. Surely his meeting with her wasn't coincidental. Perhaps he would just keep mention of her in his writings, and not give word to anyone...except to his sibling that was soon to be born.

Chapter 3—Meetings with Freedert

Every day after school and soccer practice, Leif would meet Freedert and ask her questions about beings like her. Unlike her cousins, the Dracogriff, her race was quite rare, but they were thriving in what they liked to call "sacred havens". The forests and mountains were especially excellent places to hide and not be seen by human eyes. Freedert's kind were more shy than Dracogriffs and they only socialized with humans with pure hearts. Freedert knew that Leif was trustworthy and that he was truly saddened that his parents had lost all of their faith in the metaphysical. But Freedert reassured him that those who believed in matters they couldn't see were far more blessed since everything couldn't be explained by convention, science and human thought processes alone.

Leif came to see Freedert every day but he let her know that in time he would be welcoming his baby sister Nadia to the world and he couldn't meet her or see her as much. However, he did promise her that once Nadia was able to walk and talk she would introduce them to one another. She was excited about that day but she would miss him while he was gone taking care of Nadia. She would watch him from afar but keep her distance in her santuary high in the mountains, far from the country. Leif understood that she had to protect herself, but he knew that she would always be there for him. She would probably outlive him, knowing how lengthy Unidracogriff's life spans were. Despite this, she would always be a sentinel for him, his family and his progeny.

Chapter 4—Nadia Says Hello

Nadia was always adorable, ever since the day she was born. Like her brother, she had an aptitude for nearly everything, except walking. She wasn't the most coordinated human beings on the planet. Yet, she was still young and learning how to maintain balance. In time, she would become more graceful but she was still a kid. Being awkward was just part of life.

Freedert adored Nadia from the first time she said hello to her. She asked her a thoughtful question though, out of the curiosity of her heart in her innocent tone.

"My brother says you have the ability to fly. Is this so ?", she said.

"I do fly quite often and with my magic I can cloak myself from the human eye. Sometimes if you see a loan cloud passing by, more than likely, it is I.", Freedert answered, smiling.

"I would like to fly with you.", Nadia said, grinning widely. Leif's eyes became wide and he couldn't believe she wanted to do something so potentially dangerous.

"On one occasion, little sister. I have to accompany you.", Leif said, grasping her hand tightly, yet lovingly.

"Yes !", she triumphed, but in a murmur.

"Very well. The decision has been made. I shall allow you both upon my back, but you might want to hold on. We Unidracogriff tend to fly very quickly and swiftly.", Freedert said, letting the two climb upon her back. Leif could hold as tightly as he wanted and he wouldn't harm Freedert. Interestingly enough, Nadia wasn't frightened by the nosedives, corkscrews and loop-de-loops that Freedert preformed. Besides, she had always wanted to ride the rollercoasters at Six Flags and had always been too short to ride them. Now she could finally say she had been on a ride unlike any rollercoaster in the world. No one would believe her, but Leif would, and that was all that mattered.

It was the saddest part of the day when the siblings had to part with Freedert but they had to return home. But, the siblings had made a promise and a pact with her. As soon as they were fully grown and matured, they would be able to spend more time with her and possibly meet more Unidracogriff like herself. Someday he would be introduced to the enchanting and fascinating world of magical beasts but for now all he knew about the Unidracogriff would be going in his secret journal and only select people would come to know about them and keep their legend safe and away from malicious minds.

Chapter 5—Apart But Never Divided

It came time for Leif to go to College. And since he had started he had been captain of the soccer team there and part of many extra-curricular activities. But he had always had time to write to his family and hear from them in return. Nadia would tell him about Freedert. Recently she had found a mate named Ingo. They were currently expecting their first child. Leif was extremely elated about this. He hoped he could meet the little Unidracogriff once it was hatched and if the fates allowed, that might be a possibility after he had graduated.

Although soccer had taken a back seat to Leif's new job as an entertainer and fitness instructor, he wasn't too far away from his old home in the country. His sister, Nadia, had really grown up since the last time he had seen her. She was now a young lady beginning to attend high school and figuring out what she wished to do with her life. She wasn't sure exactly what she wished to do with her life but she was pleased to know her brother was nearby giving her the advice that she sought. She prayed that someday they would be able to reunite and ride their bikes to the place where they had met Freedert. The day of the birth of her little boy, Baldar, was coming.

Albeit that it was going to be a short reunion, Leif had been able to meet Baldar the moment he had hatched. Like his mother, he was a bit shy to say hello to Nadia and Leif but soon he had warmed up to the humans and the parents were delighted. It was a magical moment that neither species would ever forget for a long time. Baldar was just born and like most infants, he couldn't walk very well.

"Heh, heh ! He's like me when I was little !", Nadia commented.

"Indeed he is. He'll get the hang of walking though.", Leif said. He hugged his dear sister close and kissed her on the forehead and then hugged his beloved friend. There were some lingering tears in his eyes, but he knew he would see her again as well as Nadia. They were far away from one another, but never really apart.


One day when Leif was married and had children of his own, Sasha and Ariel, he told them of his days with Freedert. They often asked him when they would meet her and he promised the day would be coming soon when she would visit as well as her family. He wondered what Baldar looked like at this stage of his life. His sister, Nadia would have to go by his description of Baldar in his email. From her artistic mind's eye, she could most assuredly see what Baldar was like now. He sincerely missed her though. It had been a long time since she had seen her neices and played soccer with them. Times had changed but he was never too far away from those he loved. The holidays and vacations always brought them back together and he would take a perigrination into the mountains. Sometimes Nadia would join him with her neices, Sasha and Ariel. They were reunited once more with the Unidracogriff they had come to cherish from their youth. Baldar was a teenager now and looking quite handsome and was happy to oblidge a flight with the neices. Nadia and Leif chuckled at their squeals of delight.

Soon, they had to return home since it was getting late but mystical creatures would always be a part of their lives. Leif wouldn't have wanted it any other way, because it proved that miracles were still possible in the world upon which humans and mystical beings reside.

The End

December 20, 2005