She Lied Too Much

She tells me she's always been an angel

and I think I actually believe her

like the time she told I could be a part

of her band because she liked my voice

but I'm listening to a recording

and maybe, if she was deaf, I'd understand

when she lied and said I could sing

but my hopes keep me from turning it off

because it was my dream to be her

but now the song and it's been deleted

from the record 'cause I couldn't stand

my voice so I tried a different song

but it's not helping 'cause I'm stumbling

and she keeps telling me these lies

about she'd sing, I'd sing and they'd play

all night long for this band she has

but now they're listening and wondering

and she just looks at me with her voice,

she tells me she's always been an angel,

but a fallen angel 'cause she lied too much.

Author's Note: For Caitlin (but a note just to her, I'm not being mean, it's just the truth but we can still go for the later plan of me writing what you will be singing) and I'm sorry, this poem really sucks.