Dance. Dance; so merry; apple and cherry dancing in front of – this fever – my eyes, yes, this burning, this heat – I feel intoxicated, I'm floating, then drowning in – yes – my fever – dreams.

There was this tree
I was feeling free
Then the tree crashed
And I got – smashed

Fever – dreams – yes, I'm here, I'm there, I don't know where – I am – bloodshot eyes, yes, clammy hands, nebulous lands.

There was this sliver
It cut me – a river
Of hot blood – lava
Where are you, lover?

Cradle of cobra-venom, shrivelling me up, deadening me, making me feel like lead.

There was this clock
It went tick-tock
Then the hands hopped
And the clock stopped

Fever dreams, spots waltzing in front of me, polka dots, yes, dreams scream, dream screams, yes no yes no no no no. Earthquake – hollow voice from a tomb; I heard you – my fever dreams carried me to the surface; you were bending over me and smiling.

I died.