English 3

My Modest Proposal

My modest proposal for the world is to get rid of all but one religion. Just one, and it could be anything. Anyone who doesn't want to follow that one religion can be shot or thrown in jail. The dominating religion could be Christianity, Judism, Muslim, anything! Or we could just mold it all into one big religion. Doing this would end all religious disputes.

Religious wars can be avoided, the conflicts over which religion is the true one can be ignored and forgotten, and religious politics would be the thing of the past! No one would fight over their religious beliefs and no blood would be shed over them, because we would all have the same religion. And to go against it would be your death warrent, or just some time in jail
depending on how you were revolting against the religion. But if the world really did go under one religion, some religious figures would have to be obliterated, yes, but think of all the benefits we get out of doing this. No religious bloodshed, no religious conflicts of what or who is the true God, and no political conflicts of who should be fit for office just because of their religion. I believe that we'd actually be able to conquer world peace finaly; all the countries would be able to agree.

Even though we'd have to make some sacrafices, ruling the world with one religio would be the savior of us all. Of course the Pope and the Catholic Church would need to be the first to go, they'd all vote for Catholicism and wouldn't give fair vote without saying "you're all going to hell" if we don't make Catholicism the main religion. Some people may have to die, but, they are all just sacrafices in the big plan.