Home Sweet Home

Sally heard a strange noise,

She thought it sounded like a human voice.

This brave teen,

Was the opposite of mean.

She cared for the safety of others,

Especially of her mother.

For, the lady was very ill,

She was living on her family's love and will.

She wanted to recover,

And be able to discover,

The joys life can bring.


Back about Sally,

She was walking down an alley.

When she heard the high-pitched screams,

Like something in a bad dream.

She started a slow run,

Wanting to be home and done.

But she could still hear the cries,

She could not lie,

She wanted to help the child in need.


So Sally turned around,

Searched through piles of trash, until she found

A young girl curled up and all alone,

Without a place to call home.

So Sally brought the girl back to her place,

She didn't want to be a disgrace.

Just a good citizen.


When they entered through the door,

Sally let the girl sit by the fire.

The young girl looked up and smiled.

Of Sally's brave heart did she admire.

When Sally asked "Hey, what's your name?",

The girl gave no answer;

For, she was ashamed.


She started to cry,

Sally did not know why.

The girl gave her a hug,

Sally got her a great big mug

Of hot chocolate with marshmallows.


They say by the t.v set,

It was obvious that they had just met.

The girl was shy and used to be lonely,

Sadly she was not the only

Child who was lost in an alley.


Sally decided to name the girl,

But what name would suit her?

Amy, Catherine, Lindsay or Sarah?

Allison, Cindy, Danielle or Tara?

She let the girl choose,

Sally didn't know her; She wasn't in her shoes.

Sally soon felt very sad,

Even though, actually, she was very glad,

Because of what she had done.


The girl chose the name Amy,

She thought it fit her... Maybe.

But she didn't really know,

There was no way to show,

The thankfulness this girl had,

She was no longer sad.


Amy was introduced to Sally's mother,

Father, sister and her brother.

Her whole family was excited to see

The girl who had come to be

A new addition to their family.


Years passed,

The friendship between Sally and Amy didn't just last,

It grew.

They became the best of friends,

Their bond will never end.

Not to this day,

Not ever.