five months go by (and it still feels the same)

it would get a little
bit easier
but everyday
I visit your secrets
and you visit mine
but slow-ly
I start to forget
(and stop to cry)
but it's been five
months or more
and it had become
but then she called
(what's that tune?)
and reminds me
of you (and you&her)
but I felt
like my lips were sewed
b/c I wanted to
(oh, i'm so sorry)
tell her your secrets
and keep mine
but I knew
it would just get harder
with that out there,
attempts don't matter
now (I know that)
but I still wish
upon that star
I could just say to her
with the next phone call
"he loved me too
it wasn't just you
and my memories
go back further
he loved me too"

Author's Note: Read "The Summers We Lost" for another poem about these people. And for Caitlin, I don't mean to hurt you if you ever read this. So sorry.