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Michael wasn't fond of Jackie the first time around, and second time around, he's less than impressed that I'm giving the guy another chance.

On Wednesday night he takes me to a café for dinner. He explains to me that the purpose is to 'give each of us a break' from the stresses of the household, but in reality, the trip is a thinly disguised excuse to talk to me about Jackie.

'I know you don't like him,' I blurt out. 'But I really think you should give him a chance.'

Michael smiles thinly, as he rests his knife and fork on either side of his plate. 'I'm old and skeptical, but not without reason. He lies too much, Will.'

'He only lied about his age.'

'He lied about his age and his child. He also lied about not owing child support. He didn't pay a cent while he was in New South Wales. Jamie's paying it off for him, in exchange for Jackie caring for Terry. I know, because I asked Terry.'

I toy restlessly with my dinner. I'm embarrassed at the news my boyfriend lied, but I'm also angry with Michael for prying. 'Maybe he was ashamed. Maybe that's why he didn't tell anyone.'

My foster father sighs. He raises his wine glass to his lips, and sips at his drink. 'Will, I know it's hard to be young and gay. And I don't doubt that Jackie seems like a good prospect. Honestly, he has his moments where he comes across as a really nice guy, but quite frankly, he's extremely immature. He doesn't grasp what he's doing is wrong.'

'I don't see how dating me is wrong,' I mutter.

'Will… Will, that's not what I'm saying. Okay, it is what I'm saying, but it's not a dig at you. Please, just listen to what I'm saying. Hold out for the right guy. Can you honestly tell me you genuinely think Jackie's an honest person?'

I push my dinner plate away. 'I think he's trying. I think everyone expects him to be perfect, just because he's older than me.'

Michael sighs again, this time with resignation. 'I disagree. Brett disagrees. It's our opinion that he's a champion at telling people whatever he thinks they want to hear, until he decides he's fed up. But let's not fight. It's been so stressful at home.'

'Okay,' I agree. 'No fighting.'

I'm relieved that Michael's prepared to drop the matter. Right now, Jackie is one of the only bright point's in my life. Just today Roman informed me that he was still honouring his father's wishes by going to Bond Uni and studying law, which means I'll definitely be without him when I start Uni next year. I'm not prepared to lose my best mate and Jackie.

Jackie arrives on Friday night, half an hour late. Brett and Michael exchange pointed glances when Jackie finally arrives at the door, and both make their displeasure known.

Jackie is more than a little peeved. I've never seen him this annoyed, and I watch as he carefully parks his scooter in the most inconvenient place in our car park, and then tells me we can travel on my bike.

'You want me to ride, or be the passenger?' I ask doubtfully, remembering my trip with Roman.

'I'll ride,' Jackie replies, swinging a leg over. 'I am actually licensed.'

Given Michael's comments about Jackie's previous mistruths, I'm not sure whether I believe Jackie or not. It kind of worries me that perhaps Brett and Michael and Lee can see something in Jackie that I'm oblivious too. I've never thought of myself as a sucker; I managed to get myself out of my biological home, and I've managed to graduate high school – almost – with good grades. I'm healthy. I have a part-time job, a car licence, and a motorcycle licence. How could I have done all these things if I was a sucker?

He takes me to one of those fashionable bar/café's for dinner. We eat burgers and drink beer – the waiter never bothered asking my ID – and talk about what we've been up to. I don't mention anything about child support, or his lack of paying it. I don't think he withheld the money maliciously. Nor do I confirm his belief that Michael and Brett aren't too keen on him. I'm not willing to get in the middle of any fights.

I'm totally wrapped up in Jackie, so much so that I fail to notice that the person sitting at the adjoining table is Connor, until Connor himself taps me on the shoulder.

'Who's your date?' he asks.

'Oh, this is Jackie,' I introduce. 'Who's your date?'

'Oh, I'm here with Benny and Francis, and one of their friends,' he replies, gesturing to his tablemates. 'Given that you know Benny and Francis are dating, would you like to have a guess who my date is?'

God, I hate them. They're such arrogant shitheads. They're probably just jealous, though. Jackie looks better than any of them. He looks less wanky, less pretentious. Jackie, with his beautiful dark hair, Superman t-shirt, and dark blue jeans, is hotter, more mature, and altogether a much better prospect than any of the guys at Connor's table.

'No thanks,' I reply. 'You were the one who started the conversation.'

'I should have known better,' Connor admits, smirking.

Jackie seems amused by the conversation I've had with my contemporaries. He slings an arm around my waist and leans in and kisses my forehead.

We finish our meals under the scrutiny of the guys at the next table. I frankly don't give a toss about their interest in us. A few months ago I was terrified of them, terrified of being perceived as 'uncool', but I've since changed my definitions of 'cool' and there's nothing Connor, Benny, Francis and mystery date can do to make me feel bad about myself.

After dinner we ride halfway up Mount Cootha. Jackie finds a deserted picnic area, and we sit at the table together, drinking cans of bourbon and Coke that we picked up from a bottleshop on the way here. The cans were transported here them down the front of my jacket. Believe me, my nipples are cold, hard, and fucking sore.

'Maybe you should stop drinking,' I suggest, when Jackie cracks upon his third can.

'You're so paranoid,' he teases me. 'Trust me, Will.'

'I don't want you to crash. You're not wearing a jacket or gloves.'

'I'm twenty-four, I haven't crashed before,' he grins. 'Come on, sit up here in front of me,' he adds, gesturing to the table in front of him.

I sit anxiously on the table. Jackie laughs, and moves my legs apart. He unzips my fly and carefully removes my rapidly hardening cock.

'You're so innocent,' he muses, fondling my erection. 'It really gets me going, if you know what I mean.'

'Um, that's…nice.'

Jackie laughs again. He leans forward and takes the head of my cock in his mouth, and slowly runs his tongue over the weeping head. 'You want me to suck you?' he asks huskily.

'Hang on,' I reply. I stand up and push my jeans lower, down to my thighs. Then I sit back down in front of him. 'Okay, go for it.'

'You're such a whore.'

'Sorry,' I apologise, reaching for my jeans.

'No, I meant that in a good way,' he corrects. 'Will, sit down. Let me suck your cock for you. I need to apologise to you.'

'No you don't,' I reply.

Jackie ignores me as he starts to lick, and suck on, my erection. His hands work the length of my cock, and lightly massage my balls, as his dark hair spills over his face.

I rest one hand on the back of his head, and lean back on the other arm. It's pitch black and we're in a deserted area. My boyfriend is sucking my dick, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. It's amazing. It's the best sex of my life, the best sex I've ever had with anyone.

'I'm going to come,' I warn.

He mumbles his reply, sending a series of vibrations down my already sensitive cock, and before I have a chance to react, I'm orgasming. He sucks down hard on me as I ejaculate, while his hand drags my foreskin back almost painfully.

'Shit,' I swear at him, caught up in the bliss of climax. 'Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.'

Jackie laughs, one hand held up to his mouth as he swallows the last of the foamy saliva and cum. 'You're fucking gorgeous, Will.'

'Yeah, um, ahh,' I mumble, standing up, and pulling up my boxers and jeans. 'Um…' I trail off, throwing myself into his lap and kissing him. 'I love you.'

'Awww,' he smiles, pushing my hair out of my face. 'You don't have to say that.'

My face burns hotly. 'Sorry.'

'I love you too,' he replies happily, crazily. 'Now, sexy, you want to return the favour?'

'Yeah, definitely.'

'Excellent,' he says, pushing me out of his lap. He takes off his shoes, jeans and boxer briefs and lays down on the table where I was sitting. He's propped up on his elbows, and he carefully catches my eye.

'Aren't you worried about mosquito bites?' I blurt out.

'Yeah,' he agrees. 'I'm gonna regret this tomorrow. You're going to have to make it worth it.'

'Uh, I'll try.'

'Sweet. Now, you know what rimming is?'

I recall an evening with Hamish. He did that with me, fucking my asshole with his hands and mouth, making me both incredibly uncomfortable and ridiculously horny. After he played with me, I took my turn. Unlike me, he allowed himself to get swept up in the pleasure, and wanked himself as I worked.

'Sure,' I reply bravely.

I lower my head and spread his ass, so everything's on display. Then, cautiously, I start to pleasure him. I'm aware that he's masturbating himself, and I do everything within my power to work with him towards his orgasm. He's loudly appreciative, moaning compliments and pushing himself into my face. I'll admit it's a huge turn on, and when he comes, my own cock jumps to attention.

'Damn, Will,' Jackie pants. 'That's exactly what I wanted.'

When he's caught his breath, he pulls his pants up and reaches for his half-finished bourbon. He chugs it down, and gestures for me to finish off my own drink.

'You were right about those mozzies,' he complains, scratching at his arms.

'Come back to my house. We have cream for that.'

'I can imagine your stepfathers would have that. Michael especially. He's that kind of wanker.'

My heart sinks. 'Jackie, you should try and speak to him. He's only worried.'

'He was asking personal questions about me,' Jackie frowns. 'I'm sorry Will. I know I shouldn't have said that, but…eh, I shouldn't be drinking. Come on, let's go.'

'Are you right to ride?'

'Sure, but let me know if you see any cops, okay?'

I'd argue with him, but I'm halfway up Mount Cootha and after all, this is the guy I love. A guy in his mid-twenties, at that, and God alone knows that I'm probably just freaking out because Michael and Brett try to do everything by the book. They would freak out about riding while slightly drunk, but I don't think most people would give a damn.

We make it home without incident, and park the bike at the back of the carport. Then we stumble inside, to my bedroom, and fall asleep together.

Brett wakes me up at six-thirty, by hammering on my bedroom door.

'Will, are you right mate? We need to leave for work in half an hour.'

I squint painfully at the ceiling. My head is thudding. 'I'm not feeling too good.' I call out pitifully.

Brett hesitates. 'Do you need to see a doctor?'

'No, no,' I reply, stumbling over to the door. I'm about to fling it open when I realise I'm naked. Guilty, I reach for a blanket and wrap it around my waist, and check to see that Jackie is covered. He is. He's awake and cowering under my pillow.

'Sorry,' I apologise to Brett, as I open the door. 'We got back late. I feel like shit.'

'I told you to be back early,' he warns sharply. 'You said you'd be back by midnight.'

'Yeah, I know.' I flush guiltily. 'Sorry.'

Brett sighs loudly. 'Think about what you're doing, okay mate? And make sure Jackie moves his scooter before Michael or Claire need to leave. It's not their responsibility to move his junk.'

'Um, yeah, I will.'

He's far from impressed with me, but I know he'll tell everyone at work that I'm sick. He'll cover for me.

I limp back into bed and try and pull the pillow out of Jackie's grip. He groans pitifully and pokes his head up, his blue eyes criss-crossed with red veins.

'You make mornings worthwhile,' he groans. 'You, Will, are the only good thing about this morning.'

My heart leaps. 'And you, Jackie, are the only good thing about the morning to me.'

He chuckles under his breath, and crawls on top of me. 'I could fuck you stupid.'

'Uhhhh no, I don't suck boys with foreskins in the morning,' I tease, remembering Hamish's knock back.

'Oh yeah, well we'll see about that,' Jackie grins, rolling onto his back. His blue eyes are flashing, his hair is all messy, and he smells like sex, sweat and alcohol. In short, he's looking terrific. 'To work, boy.'

'I can't,' I reply. 'I need to pee.'

Jackie cracks up laughing. 'You're amazing, Will,' he remarks fondly. 'You're truly amazing.'

No matter what Brett or Michael or Lee say, I'm going to give this guy a go. He's everything I could possibly want, and like hell am I going to let him slip away from me again.