Chapter Fifty Five

Maybe I should have taken Paul up on that cab ride. My feet were killing me! If I wore my heels my feet pained me something dreadful and if I didn't my feet did the same thing. I made it as far as Monument Garden before I gave up and took a seat on the bench.

Really it was a beautiful park. In the dark of night, the park glowed with soft light. Young lovers strolled arm in arm while the older ones sat together on benches. In the center of it all was a marble fountain. It had been a present to this country from my father when I married Char. Immortalized in stone and for all eyes to see, Char and I embraced. Though I never said anything, I always thought it was odd that water shot from my finger tips in this depiction. When water starts shooting from my hands, that's usually a bad thing.

But the more I looked around me, the more I felt alone. Everything around me had been paired off and only a few stood as individuals. Which didn't bother me a bit, in fact, I felt just peachy really. After all, I landed a great business deal and showed Char just who called the shots in our relationship. So why did I have to fight the urge to jump into the fountain?

Well, why fight the urge? Besides I needed to soak my feet if I planned on making it home by the end of the week. Only the matter of my clothes and purse deterred me. So I did what any free-spirited modern woman and princess would do. Went around a topiary bush and stripped down to my bra and panties, that's precisely what I did!

So I tucked the dress and my purse under the trunk of the same topiary and made a run for it. To my advantage, the walls of the fountain weren't high at all and I had no trouble swinging my legs over the rim. Much to my surprise, the water came up past my knees and high on my thighs! At my feet coins lay scattered among bubble geysers. Ohh my, that felt like heaven.

For a few moments, people just stared. Then, sure as I stood there, camera phones whipped out of coat pockets and began to click and whirr. And finally, news vans pulled up to the curb of the park. Jostling with heavy cameras, these media hounds surrounded the fountain.

Now maybe some would call standing in a public arena nearly naked a scandal. I called satisfaction. This was that satisfaction with me, my past and my future as the Princess of Priss.

"Snow White is Here to Stay!" I cried and raised my arms in triumph.