Walking in the Rain

I walk in the rain

So they won't see me in pain.....

They don't know

How I truly feel about my life.

I want to scream out my pain.

My sorrow,

That have been buried deep inside me

For oh so long.

I walk in the rain

So I can have peace and quiet.....

I can never be alone.

For I have friends beside me

Who is with me thick and thin.

But even I keep secrets from them.

I can't tell them

For fear of something might happen.

I walk in the rain

So they can't sense my heartache.....

People don't understand my life.

They just don't.

No matter how had they try.

They won't understand.

My life is complicated.

Too hard to explain to words.

I walk in the rain

So I can watch the children and envy them for their carefree personality.....

I've been in pain

Ever since I was young.

It's difficult to say to a friend.

All I want is for my life to be happy and bright.

But even with my friends,

It's a dim chance.

I walk in the rain....

So I can cry with no interruptions or worries.....