She sang

Of a song

That she heard on the radio

One starry night

Humming herself

to sleep.


She sang

Of a song

Which she always remembered

When she needed it

Alone on the sidewalk

With the rain coming down in buckets.


She sang

Of a song

When she was feeling lonely

Alone in a crowded room

blasting the tune into her ears

Trying to get away

From her anti social mess

of a life.


She sang

Of a song

When she fell in love

Fast and hard

Screaming it out to the world

On her Juliet balcony

In a soundless kind of passion

Into a love lit night.


She sang

of a song

When she was lost

And had to try to find her way home

Past the dark corners and neon signs

And she counted her breaths

And managed to find her way back


She sang

of a song

When she lost someone special

White rose in her hand

A tune tumbling off of her tear stained lips

As the thorns cut into her



She sang

And never paid attention to the words

She was too busy

In her whirlwind of a life

Too busy making music

(making love)

getting away from the harsh world

Called cruel reality


But she still sang on

Forgetting and remembering her song


And as she grew older

She thought she might

Be able to be


But then…


she found her someone

With another

In a tangled affair

another's perfume still in the air

drifting across the room

with deceit written all over


And she ran back

Back into the rain

Striping her raw

Striping her bare

as she cried



Now she finally remembers

What that song was all about

What it meant


She sang

Of heartbreak and seclusion

Not being able to break free

Not being able to herself

Not being able to rest

In peace


And she sang

for the last time

When she lifted up her arms


and whispered good bye to the world

(the night)

and flew downwards

towards the moon

in the water

with the song

crashing down her lips.