You make me laugh, you're jealous heart

And the way you think you own me

You're jealous ways just crack me up

The way you honestly think I care

The way you think you know my heart

Yet you do not know me

The way you want me to be your property still

I drive you crazy, do I not?

You want to own me, to control me but you can't

I am the living proof you failed

You let me slide through your finger tips

And slide just out of grasp

But now I'm gone, forever gone

You'll never know me again

You won't admit you're in the wrong

That's just the way you are

But deep inside you know I'm right

And that's what drives you off the edge

You love to hate and hate to love me

You're poor confused soul is torn

Which is why it pains you to look at me

Yet, you cannot tear your eyes away

You hate me but I drive you crazy

I took part of you with me, you cannot get it back

You hide behind your fake smile

To make your crazy world alright

You hide away your breaking world

But your jealous heart beats on and on

I am what you want and can never have

You're jealous heart despises me,

Your jealous, jealous heart

You want back the happiness I gave

I let you in, you broke my heart

And I never make the same mistake twice

It drives your jealous heart mad

To want something you cannot have

It makes your jealous heart beat

To want something owned by another

I own myself, you cannot have me

I've bled for you but now I'm done

Sadness gives us a great strength

With that strength, comes greatness

I am destined for better things my dear

I am destined for greater things than you

So beat again, your jealous heart

May it bind you to the envious disease

May it rot you inside out

You make me laugh, make me laugh

You jealous, jealous heart