Black wings she sat at world's end

Watching the silence and darkness below

With no one to ease her heavy load

And not a soul to dry her mournful eyes

Her heart as heavy as solid lead

And as black as a lump of coal

So scorched and brunt

It crumbled to ashes, returning to dust

The ashes of her heart scattered on the winds

She will always be empty inside

The gaping wound where her heart was

Will never be filled, will never heal

The bleeding ceased but the scars remain

And the hurt always prominent

A constant reminder of what was

Of how she was shot down

Shot down in the name of love

Now she watches the world

The world that abused her, that broke her

The world that beat her, that scared her

Her soul burden be by sadness

Depressed by a cold, cruel place,

Where love is an illusion

This place turned her angel wings black