Moment Musical

A winged melody, floating high
So reminiscent of our love, unbridled and pure;
With bonds so strong they will never die
Time is a malady and you, the cure.
And in the dying of day into night,
Still the melody soars in flight.

A sweet harmony, low and free
Music a whisper away.
The bright stars in the heavens agree
That forever in your arms I'll stay.
And with the winter wind howling with might
Will the melody always soar in flight?

Beautiful, captivating, the music is to me
But a fleeting moment in time
Heartbreakingly sweet, my soul's key,
Music so touching, so sublime.
When the power of love and magic reaches its height
The melody continues to soar in flight.

A moment musical, so simple and clean
Caresses of music and love tangible and real,
Consumed by luminous fire, and so serene
Your embraces a promise, your kisses the seal.
And with you and music all in my sight
Forevermore the melody will soar in flight.