A fluttering whirlwind of emotion
Grief, bordering on utter despair
You, devastating as a tempest-wrought ocean
Do what you want, I can't bring myself to care.
And despite my blind, wild grasp
Lady Hope continues to elude my clasp.

A moment of peace comes, quiet but sure
The calm before the storm.
But perhaps it's yet another lure
You've set for my reform.
And it's me, who off the cliff you shove
Who will forever, forever proclaim love.

The flickering of light, just of reach
Taunts me as I weep tired tears
And our friendship you continue to breach
Though it's you who I've confided all my fears.
I longed for you, desperately I still dream
But life is never what it seems.

I deserve more than you, I secretly know
Yet my soul desires only you.
When we stand next to each other, I glow
And my love always begins anew.
And despite your heart of steel
My love for you I can never conceal.