And There's a Boy

And there's a boy
Who sits by the train station
And paints in summer's color
As he cries in autumn's fall

And in the tall white building
He clutches his legs to his chest
Crying in tears of blood
As he is tormented by imaginary beings

And on the street outside of his house
He stands there with his guitar
Strumming out lyrics of a song of old
Deaf to the noises he is making

And in his mind he argues with himself
While downstairs there is sudden noise
And his mother falls silent
Watching his father leave for good

And late at night he sits in his bed
Trying to think of a way out
Of the life that he hates
From the problems of each day

And he considers his options
Trying to pick one
But he ends up choosing
Something he didn't want to have to do

And from the tree he hangs his noose
As the world slips slowly out of view
As life slowly leaves his body
As he finally breaks free