Christmas Rabies

Yes, this is the time when Jesus went wild

Now "open the presents" says the screaming child

We choose this time over the others

To sit on our ass and fuck our brothers

Of course, not literally, because that would be wrong

But we do sit with the fam and play some beer pong

You rip open the presents, like a savage beast

Thank Aunty for the dildo, she did the least

Our mouths are foaming from the sides

You can tell we're crazy from our staring, red eyes

My friends and I streak through the snow

Running, bare naked head to toe

We'll only stop to sing a xXxmas carol

Then off we go, to our next dangerous peril

Maybe we'll tell the little ones, Santa doesn't exist

Or make the department store Santa throw a fist

Man, oh man, do I love Christmas time

To spread the cheer and ring the chime

Hoe, hoe, hoe it's almost done for the year

But not until 12, I won't persevere!