A gruesome death awaits you as you're pondering your prime.

Now let the drops vanish as your life, it now subsides.

The drops of din are death to the words you do abide,

The words you do inhale,

The freezing cold inside.

Watch the drops falling like blood, oozes out the mouth.

Cream to the tip of your fingers.

Look for heaven, though hell lingers.

Your prize is not golden, not a crown above your head.

But death in the fullest,

Without pain, lying on the bed.

Your dream seems to be so soothing, giving you all hope.

It seems to be so moving,

When you're dangling from the rope.

The sin is seen by all around, was hidden once before.

The life you once took pleasure in has taken you by horror.

The tears you cry are nothing more than hate and crime alike.

For all that you have given, we know you've taken twice.

Bow your head upon the ground.

Plead for all forgiveness.

But none will come, the work is done.

Can't recover from this sickness.

Your sins will be noticed in life and in death.

The lies you've spoke, the evil schemes you've thought,

The reaper takes them as no joke.

Why wash thyself with thy holy water?

More sins are to become.

The fears you have thought mix together to form one.

Drops of sin splash on the ground.

Invisible, you know they're there.

Their sinister acts make no sound.

Entice you to be vicious to all you know and surround.

That voice you hear, the hate you bare, the murders it does dare.

I come to my conclusion; there is no good in sin.

The life we're forced to live,

The ending soon to begin.

Holding the hate close to our hearts, but never let it in.

For once it's in, it's overbearing.

The malicious drops of sin.